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Bad Bunny is out partying and fans can’t resist his presence

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August 01, 2022 at 8:41 p.m.

Bad Bunny was recorded in the middle of a party. The reggaeton icon who gained worldwide fame decided to party after finishing his concerts in Puerto Rico. Fans who saw him couldn’t resist his presence, so they didn’t just go to greet him without giving him the respective affection.

So in the clip, the Bad Rabbit was mugged by one of his fans who stole a huge kiss after seeing him. The singer sat down and had no choice but to grab the girl’s head and respond to this action.

Also, another of the times they saw him with all the attitude in the universe was dancing with another of the presents. This girl was thrilled to share the track with a huge celebrity.

bad bunny made his visit to the island one of his biggest presentations where he included several artists with whom he recorded the songs for his recent album “A summer without you.”

On the other hand, several elements of the urban genre were also present which earned their recognition throughout their career. Thus, the presence of Tony Dize and Chencho Corleone, with whom he recorded “La Corriente” and “Me porto bonito”.

What did Bad Bunny do before his big concert?

From his TikTok account, the Bad Rabbit posted a compilation of adventures he did while on vacation. From beautiful road scenery, to a beach vibe, that was what he offered his followers.

Likewise, moments of sharing with friends, enjoying the sea water, the sun and the coastal breeze. He has been recorded taking baths in the pool, playing board games, having refreshing drinks, having dinner in the middle of the sunset, while the sea keeps him in the sun, while he was surrounded by magical bonfires.

He loved exquisite dishes, good company; experiences that left him satisfied and ready to leave everything on the stages of his country, as we could see in several publications that have gone viral on social networks.


Source metroecuador.com

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