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Ayuso threatens not to comply with the austerity decree and Calviño asks Feijóo to reprimand her


The President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on July 1 at the Royal Post Office.European press

The Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, has demanded this Tuesday that the President of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, comply with the law after confirming through social networks that Madrid will not apply the energy saving approved this Monday in the Council of Ministers . “Madrid is not going out. This creates insecurity and discourages tourism and consumption. It causes darkness, poverty, sadness,” explained the leader of the Madrid PP. “A royal decree law must be observed,” Calviño recalled in the SER. “We are already used to this kind of lack of solidarity from Ms. Ayuso, but I think they don’t reflect the spirit of the Madrid community, which I’m sure doesn’t see things that way. These statements qualify, but I find it interesting what Mr. Feijóo will do [Alberto Núñez, presidente del PP] because the President of the European Commission, the European People’s Party, has told us: ‘We must prepare for the worst, we must respond with unity and support’. Will Feijóo support the European vision or the president of this autonomous community?” he added.

The plan for urgent energy saving and efficiency measures stipulates that shops, department stores, cinemas, hotels and public buildings, among others, limit the use of air conditioning to 27 degrees in summer and heating to 19 degrees in winter. In addition, companies must switch off the shop window lighting after 10:00 p.m. Calviño recalled that this package of measures stems from a “European” strategy. In the face of uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine and possible actions by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brussels has proposed that member states cut their gas consumption by 15%.

Ayuso has urged the government not to comply with the law using a formula it has already used during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in 2020. “Madrid is not shutting down,” he wrote on Twitter, because the blackout “creates uncertainty and scares tourism and consumption. It causes darkness, poverty, sadness.”

In reality, the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid is unable to ensure that Madrid businessmen do not comply with the measures approved in the government’s Royal Decree. Last July, the Minister for Green Transition, Teresa Ribera, sent a letter to regional councils in the region, urging them to “set an example” and “extend savings, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility policies to the purview of regional government”. . Just yesterday he said it would be “reckless” and a lack of solidarity if a community refused to apply the measures.

Some regional governments have already presented concrete austerity plans, such as the Basque Country, which, in addition to promoting telework and telematic meetings, imposes temperature limits and promotes efficiency in lighting and electronics. The Xunta de Galicia, ruled by the PP and Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s successor, Alfonso Rueda, has also drawn up a plan to prepare for a possible gas lockdown by Russia, which includes energy saving measures in homes, businesses and public administrations.


Source elpais.com

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