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Ayuso rooted in strategy after Moreno Bonilla triumph: ‘I won’t change an inch’

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the President of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, celebrated this Monday the absolute majority achieved by the PP in the elections held in Andalusia on Sunday, refusing to interpret the result as a demonstration that the party is on the Must put strategy of moderation represented by Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla and Alberto Núñez Feijóo. But on the contrary. The conservative politician, who has shaped her leadership from clash to clash with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, has again pressed charges against the central executive and pledged that she will maintain her strategy of confrontation, whoever she is.

“Nobody will oppose Juanma Moreno or Núñez Feijóo, nor will I change my policy in Madrid even a millimeter,” said the president of the Autonomous Community of Madrid during an impromptu press conference. “I will not take part in the campaigns of the left. Today is a day to celebrate,” he said. “Spain can no longer take Pedro Sánchez’s project. Fatigue was expressed in the elections. If the elections had been general, the result would have been the same,” he analyzed. And he concluded: “In relation to Vox, I will not tell a party that makes a mistake where they need to change.”

Díaz and Moreno represent the two souls of the PP. While the Madrid leader has stood out for the toughness of her positions, the Andalusian has opted for moderation, following the strategy of the conservative formation’s new leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. This stylistic contrast was already apparent at the ceremony on the occasion of Dos de Mayo, Day of the Autonomous Community of Madrid: there the Galician politician called for “a new stage in reducing tension and tension in Spanish politics” while inaugurating Madrid to host the Prime Minister in to criticize his speech without naming him.

The differences deepened a fortnight later during the regional congress that inaugurated Ayuso as president of the PP in Madrid. The contrast in the two politicians’ speeches made the Baroness a kind of ideological counterbalance to the national leader, who was much more focused on appreciating the party’s managerial capacity than on rolling up her sleeves in the ideological clash with Sánchez. Now Moreno Bonilla’s triumph in Andalucia underscores these differences once again.

After the autonomous elections in Madrid in 2021, there was a part of the PP that was convinced that there was only one way to participate in the elections: that of Ayuso, who had starred in a very tough election campaign against Sánchez, who defeated him led to the addition of more MEPs than all leftists combined, albeit without achieving an absolute majority. Now the party faces confirmation that there is a very different alternative path: that of Moreno Bonilla, who based his electoral campaign on avoiding clashes with his rivals and rose as a candidate for moderation, leading him to an absolute one has majority.

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