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Axon Enterprise: What is Dispatch?

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In a March 24 company announcement, there was a new name AxonEnterprise (WKN: A2DPZU): Office. As we quickly discovered, Fresno is the first city to adopt this product or solution. However, that certainly does not answer the question of what is behind this format.

But Axon Enterprise itself gives an answer to this question in the context of the press release. One that foolish investors can definitely like, because it shows that the investment thesis is constantly growing in terms of quality and breadth. Let’s take a closer look at that.

Axon Enterprise: Dispatch in focus!

As stated in the company announcement, Dispatch is a cloud-based scheduling system. The company developed this specifically for control center technology and apparently tailored it for law enforcement needs as part of a partnership with Fresno. This should make valuable tools possible through the new Axon Enterprise program.

In concrete terms, this means managing the volume of calls and improving communication. Calls on call and tracking data related to emergency calls are at the core of this solution. Plus related tools to enable analysis and improve volume management.

Fresno is now a first practical example for Axon Enterprise to test this product. But not only that: the local police department already uses tasers, bodycams, Evidence.com and other technologies from the house of the American security company. Dispatch now apparently complements this range of services in terms of dispatch at the control center.

An opportunity to continue growing qualitatively

For investors, Dispatch is therefore one thing above all else: another opportunity and a new product for Axon Enterprise to grow. Increasingly we recognize that the American company is developing from the range of services to the area of ​​software and towards an ecosystem. The main objective is to digitize the departments and enable new, better and digital services. The hardware is still important, of course, and provides the hardware for the imaging material, among other things. Tasers are also important in protecting the public and police officers from the lethal use of firearms.

But digitization and an ecosystem are increasingly what investors can and want to see. With the help of smart software and synergies, Axon Enterprise is building a really strong range of services. That can turn stock into a cloud specialist with exciting hardware in the policing field. In addition to security, digitization and software also play an increasingly important role in the success story.

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