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COVID-19 updates: Political Divisions Caused a High Death Toll in the US.

According to an article in the US Today, the main reason for the high death toll in the United States is due to political...

Latest COVID-19 updates: Britain Going to Open Lockdown which Threatening US; Texas, California report Fewer Hospitalizations.

Britain announced Monday that it is going to undo the world's tightest blockade of COVID-19. The public health officials of America are watching it closely....

What Is Bitcoin?

Introduction Unlike traditional financial systems, bitcoin allows users to conduct transactions across the globe, without the need for a central server or trusted lender. The...

COVID-19 Updates: California Announced to Reopen Schools, The Storms has Slow Down the Vaccine Distribution

The ongoing winter storms have affected more than 2000 vaccination sites for the Coronavirus, which has slowed down the pace of vaccine dosing according...

Bitcoin: A Cryptocurrency Primer – What is It and How Does it Work?

Introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system that facilitates the conversion of real-world money into Bitcoin. Bitcoin's popularity has grown over...

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