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Austria: Consternation after the death of a doctor

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Status: 07/30/2022 12:30 p.m.

Doctor Kellermayr worked until exhaustion for those infected with Corona and vehemently advocated compulsory vaccination. What followed was hatred and turmoil, from which she felt little protected. His sudden death sparked heated debates in Austria.

By Wolfgang Vichtl, ARD Studio Vienna

Austrian Health Minister Johannes Rauch and many others were appalled by the news of Dr Lisa-Maria Kellermayr’s death in Upper Austria. The family doctor had become known across the country after being massively threatened by vaccination opponents during the heated and hateful discussion about compulsory vaccination in Austria. It has gone public. The Austrian Interior Minister has promised protection.

“This hate must stop”

The doctor has become a symbol for all people in the medical professions who work on the brink of exhaustion for those infected with corona and has vehemently advocated compulsory vaccination as effective protection against the virus.

“This hatred must finally stop,” Health Minister Rauch wrote on Twitter. The doctor “dedicated her life to the health and welfare of others. The death threats against her and her employees were a brutal reality.”

The doctor Maria Lisa-Kellermayr had criticized him for not having benefited from sufficient protection.

Image: picture alliance / HERMANN WAKOL

Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig, who is also a strong vaccine advocate, writes that he is “deeply affected” by the death of the dedicated doctor, who had to close her practice due to massive threats.

And Federal President Alexander van der Bellen said: “My thoughts are with the family and friends of Dr Maria Lisa-Kellermayr. Hate and intolerance have no place in our Austria.”

A memorial for the doctor at the central Stephansplatz in downtown Vienna was recorded on Monday evening.

Serious allegations against the police

However, politicians and authorities also face severe criticism. Police and prosecutors investigating the death threats are accused of reacting too late and doing too little.

Respected Austrian journalist Ingrid Brodnig, author of the book “Hate on the Net. What we can do against hate speech, bullying and lies”, tweeted, in addition to condolences, the recommendation that the executive must “define its own actions or not”. -the actions in this case clear the matter”.

Florian Klenk, editor of the Viennese weekly “Falter”, who knew the doctor well and said he spoke to him on the phone for hours, described a woman “traumatized, shocked, frightened”. Because of the hate she encountered online and because of the lack of help from the police and authorities, as she felt.

Death threats and massive hostilities

They speak for many in Austria, the Kellermayr affair was a political issue even before his sudden death. The doctor had recently closed his practice permanently. His reasoning: Working conditions “like those we have experienced in recent months” cannot be expected of anyone. Due to constant threats, she recently hired an armed security guard at her own expense.

The investigations stopped too quickly?

According to the police, she had been under police protection for a long time. It was heavily criticized that the Wels prosecutor’s office dropped charges against a German suspect on the grounds that he was not responsible. A computer activist then – according to her own statements without major problems – identified two suspects who allegedly wrote threatening emails against the doctor. It sparked a heated discussion in Austria about how the authorities would handle the case.

The responsible state police department for Upper Austria rejects the criticism. You have been in constant contact with the doctor since last November and have tried to offer him protection. Everything possible has been done. And: We continue to investigate, looking for the authors of the threats on the Internet.

Prosecutors do not take responsibility for acts of violence

The doctor was found dead on Friday in his practice in the district of Vöcklabruck. The prosecution said there were farewell letters, but they would not say anything about their content. The prosecution rules out an act of violence and confirms a suicide.

Help with suicidal thoughts

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Austria: Consternation after the death of the doctor threatened by opponents of vaccination

Wolfgang Vichtl, ARD Vienna, July 30, 2022 11:40 a.m.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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