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Australia floods: New flood warnings near Sydney

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Status: 06.07.2022 08:46

Heavy rain caused severe flooding in New South Wales for days. Thousands More Flee: So far there have been evacuation orders and warnings for 85,000 people.

Flooding on Australia’s east coast has forced thousands more to flee their homes. New South Wales state authorities have issued new flood warnings affecting areas north of Sydney. Even in the metropolis itself, flood-bearing rivers continue to pose a danger. “This event is far from over,” said New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet.

Escape the flood of water

Heavy rains have been causing flooding in the area since the weekend. Authorities have already issued more than 100 evacuation orders. A total of 85,000 people have been asked to leave their homes immediately due to the risk of flooding or prepare to leave their homes without notice.

On the western outskirts of Sydney, rivers overflowed and large swaths of land turned into lakes. The muddy water penetrated the houses, the roads and bridges were no longer passable. The federal government has declared 23 flooded areas of New South Wales in a state of disaster to facilitate the payment of aid to affected residents.

Prime Minister promises help

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visited the flooded area and promised immediate financial support to the people. As of Thursday, affected adults should receive 1,000 Australian dollars (663 euros) and children 400 dollars (265 euros) as emergency aid. The floods are the first major test for his government.

Albanese had promised during the election campaign to tackle the climate crisis, from which Australia is particularly suffering. The former Conservative government of Scott Morrison, a supporter of coal, has repeatedly been strongly criticized for its passive attitude. Parliament must now discuss long-term solutions for parts of the east coast which have been repeatedly hit by floods and bushfires.

Several floods in recent months

Severe flooding has occurred on the east coast of Australia on several occasions over the past 18 months. According to climatologists, these extreme weather events will increase with global warming.

“It is heartbreaking that for many people this is the third or fourth time in 18 months that their lives have been disrupted by a natural disaster of this magnitude,” Albanese said. “In recent years, our resilience has been tested many times.” It’s time to act.

A powerful area of ​​low pressure between the east coast of Australia and the North Island of New Zealand is responsible for the rain masses, which bring moist air and high waves to the coast of New Zealand. South Wales. It wasn’t until March that there was severe flooding in Sydney and large parts of New South Wales and Queensland.

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