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Audiences went crazy after Yatra stole a kiss from fan during concert

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Currently, the Colombian musician Sebastien Yatra He is taking part in his “Dharma 2022” tour, with which he has already visited countries such as Mexico and Spain, and in which he has shared the stage with great artists such as Antonio Orozco and Aitana.

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Recently, the artist shared a video on his Tik Tok account in which, in the middle of a concert, he comes down from the stage and steal a kiss on the mouth from one of the fans who shouted the lyrics in the front row. This all happened while he was performing his famous song “Steal you a kiss”.

The emotion was more than evident, not only on the part of the woman who received this mark of affection, but also of all the people around her and Internet users on social networks. When Yatra came back on stage, we saw how the other women rushed to hug the fan and celebrate with her what had happened.

In the shared video, which has already over four million views and nearly 600,000 “likes”, comments such as “God has his favorites”, “Today I learned what envy is”, “You made her life, she does not will never forget and she will keep you in mind. Thank you for making her happy” and “How lucky are some”.

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So far this year, the Colombian has experienced growth in his musical career, since he participated in the Disney film, Charm, in which his voice is heard in the song ‘Dos oruguitas’. In addition to that, he is one of the jurors of the reality show the musical ‘La voz EspaƱa’, which opened doors for him in other parts of the world and helped boost his career.

Source metroecuador.com

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