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Attack against the Public Prosecutor’s Office: They stole documents which they then cremated on the public highway

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The state attorney general’s office has spoken out against the attack on the central factory building, located on Patria Avenue. “The Institution is under attack, despite the fact that the National Police and the Armed Forces have tried to prevent new events from happening.”

He explained that throughout the day today there were several incidents at the aforementioned property. “Who understand the impact of blunt objects towards the windows and the main income of the Institution”.

It was added that despite the fact that there was a blockade by public force, it was not possible to contain the attack. “The violent irruption of several people, who entered the tax transit units, including They stole documents which were then cremated on the public highway.

For the moment, this new attack has been neutralized without recording any human losses.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office recognizes the right of citizens to demonstrate, but rejects any act of vandalism. All the more so if the integrity of persons and State property is threatened.

He reiterated that access to justice is guaranteed, through different channels such as virtual windows, the online service for recording and reporting crimes of gender violence, robbery and theft, in addition to the units of Flagrancia which remain in normal operation nationwide.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) rejected this act of violence and vandalism. “We clarify that the perpetrators of these serious acts are not part of the indigenous movement.”

Source metroecuador.com

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