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At least six killed in attack on kyiv shopping mall

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At least six killed in attack on shopping center in kyiv – Huge explosion destroys buildings in the northwest of the Ukrainian capital

At least six people have been killed in an attack on a shopping center in the Ukrainian capital of kyiv. Six bodies lay outside the Retroville shopping mall in northwest kyiv on Monday morning, an AFP journalist reported. Mayor Vitali Klitschko initially reported one death overnight.

The ten-story building was rocked by a massive explosion on Sunday night. The entire southern part of the shopping center and the cars in its parking lot were destroyed, the AFP reporter reported. A crater several meters wide opened in the ground. The charred remains of the building were still smoking in the morning. Firefighters and soldiers searched the rubble for other victims.

The Ukrainian rescue service said last night on Facebook that “enemy fire” had set fire to several floors of the shopping center in the Podilsky district (see photo gallery above). Surveillance camera footage released by authorities showed a large explosion followed by several smaller detonations. Firefighters pulled at least one man covered in dust from the rubble.

Residents of a neighboring building whose windows were shattered in the blast said they saw a mobile rocket launcher nearby a few days earlier. The massive explosion was felt throughout the city, AFP journalists reported.

kyiv has been hit by a series of attacks in the past week. Five people were injured in an attack on a block of flats on Sunday.

The Russian advance on the capital had largely stopped recently. Russian soldiers engaged in sporadic skirmishes with Ukrainian defenders to the northwest and east of the city, but have hardly moved in two weeks. (AFP)

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