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At least 9 luxury yachts owned by Russian oligarchs are said to have turned off their tracking systems after the start of the Ukraine war.

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The Galactica Super Nova is said to have disappeared from radar.

Tracking systems aboard at least nine luxury yachts believed to belong to Russian tycoons were shut down after the Ukraine invasion, Bloomberg reports.

The yacht tracking signals were cut between February 24, the day Russia launched the invasion, and March 11, when US President Joe Biden announced additional sanctions against the oligarchs, according to Bloomberg, citing data. specially collected.

Most of the yachts identified by Bloomberg that have gone underground between these dates are linked to Russian oligarchs who are on Western sanctions lists. The reason behind the sanctions against him is largely a strong connection to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. According to Bloomberg, some ships may be linked to Russian tycoons, who had not been sanctioned at the time.

Also an 80 million dollar yacht among them.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) website states that all ships of 300 gross tons or more embarking on international voyages must install tracking systems, known as automatic identification systems, to provide authorities and other ships with information about your location.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began, Russian oligarchs have moved their yachts and private planes around the world to protect their trophies from US, UK and other Western sanctions.

According to a report by The Daily Beast, Vagit Alekperov’s $80 million Galactica Super Nova superyacht stopped transmitting its paging signal after leaving Montenegro on March 2. One can only speculate if she wanted to evade tracking. Alekperov, CEO of Russian energy company Lukoil, had not yet been sanctioned at the time.

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