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At a luncheon in Genoa, Feijóo urges his “barons” not to trust the polls and to imagine the alternative on the street


The PP leader tells them that the political course will begin in Cotobade and that they are preparing for a tough election campaign by Sánchez


PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo, over a relaxed and informal lunch on Tuesday, urged his territorial ‘barons’ not to trust the polls but to keep working and visualize the alternative to Pedro Sánchez’s government on the streets. party sources have informed Europa Press.

As at other times, at the end of the session of the National Executive Committee of the PP, Feijóo gathered the regional and regional leaders of the party for a meal, although there were more absences on this occasion than on previous ones. Andalusian Juanma Moreno was unable to attend because he was chairing the first meeting of his Governing Council in Seville.

For his part, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco also did not participate because he traveled to the Arlanza region to find out about the status of the fire that has been ravaging this part of the province of Burgos since Sunday. Madrid President Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Catalan PP President Alejandro Fernández, Balearic PP President Marga Prohens and Canarian PP President Manuel Domínguez were also dismissed.


Over lunch, in a relaxed, relaxed and “good vibes” atmosphere, as some of those present said, Feijóo reiterated many of the messages he had already laid out publicly to the National Executive Committee – whose intervention was open to the media. – such as the assessment of the judgment of the ERE concerning the former presidents of the PSOE Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán.

Several of the PP leaders agreed over lunch to highlight the elegance with which Feijóo has raised the matter, in contrast to the use that training sources say the PSOE has made of the belt.

However, the new Socialist spokeswoman and Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, has asked the leader of the PP for “modesty”, reminding him that his Génova Street headquarters “is being paid for by illegal means”, shortly after Feijóo assured the colonel’s verdict from the ERE to the PSOE there is a call to “make decisions” and “clean up responsibilities”. From “Genoa” they accused the head of education of having dedicated herself to “attacking” the PP instead of “apologizing” for the ERE.


Feijóo and the PP “barons” agree that Sánchez is “nervous” and, ahead of May’s regional and local elections, have predicted a tough campaign against the PP at the turn of the year to overthrow a government that is “in torn pieces”.

“Sánchez is wounded like a wild boar and will try to come after us,” one of the leaders of the PP present at the meeting assured Europa Press, stressing that this is one of the issues on which Feijóo spoke both openly and to each other closed.

Feijóo, for example, predicted in his speech to the Executive Committee that Sánchez would “raise the tone” and devote the last legislature to “using all state resources” to “stop change.” However, he has ruled that it was “impossible” for the CEO to regain “the lost initiative” as Spain “no longer listens to him” because “he no longer believes him”.

In any case, Feijóo has already warned his “barons” over lunch and internally that while they have the polls in their favor, they should not be trusted or trusted, but must keep working and take to the streets to appeal to the mayors to support , the sources consulted have indicated.

With this in mind, and although a summer rest period is now beginning, Feijóo and the “Barons” agree that we must use the village festivals to be with the people and imagine that the PP is the “alternative” and another way represents politics, add the same sources.


Feijóo has announced that he will also have some performances this summer and that the course will open on August 27th in Cotobade (Pontevedra), like Mariano Rajoy and Pablo Casado did last year.

Before lunch, during which they tasted ham, cheese, tomato salad and sirloin steak, Feijóo held the National Executive Committee meeting, which brought together former Foreign Minister José Manuel García Margallo and the Presidents of the PP in Murcia and Extremadura, Fernando López Miras and María Guardiola .

López Miras and Guardiola have focused on thanking the trust placed in them after being elected presidents in their region, according to PP sources consulted by Europa Press. In the case of the second, he made his Executive Committee debut on Tuesday after being elected a week ago at the head of the Extremaduran PP, replacing José Antonio Monago.


Source europapress.es

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