The Principality of Asturias is currently registering six forest fires: three are checked by the Principality’s Natural Environment Nursery and three are controlled, two of them by firefighters from the Principality of Asturias Emergency Service (SEPA) and another in Gijón , in Monte Areo in charge of the Municipal Fire Department.

The controlled fires, on which staff have been working throughout the night and on which work is continuing at this time, are in the municipalities of Ibias and Villayón, as indicated by SEPA.

In Ibias, the Ferreira fire was considered under control at 8.50pm yesterday afternoon. A checkpoint with three members of the Ibias fire station remained in the area throughout the night.

At 6:00 a.m. a fire brigade from Cangas del Narcea Park was activated and also a forestry company was mobilized with a Retrospider. The Southwest Area Superintendent is leading the extinguishing effort, which is currently focused on clearing the perimeter with the Retroañara. This machine works on the right flank and irrigates on the left flank. In the afternoon, the other flank is to be circumnavigated with the Retrospider.

The Villayón in Busmente fire was considered under control at 02:19 this morning. Firefighters from Valdés, Gran de Salime and Barres parks and a zone chief have been working in the area throughout the night. Until it was considered controlled, Tineo’s BRIF reinforcements also took part in the extinguishing work. With the exception of the Tineo BRIF, the same SEPA fire brigade is currently continuing the operation together with two forestry companies and one of the multifunction helicopters of the Asturias fire brigade. The entire perimeter of the left flank from the tail to the head of the fire is watered.

The nursery continues to review the other three fires registered in the area, located at IS in Allande, Alevia in Peñamellera Baja and Niserias in Peñamellera Alta. For the latter, the plan is for one of the SEPA helicopters to do some downloads at the summit, where a small column of smoke can be seen.

Source europapress.es

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