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Assess possible war crimes: Harris condemns Russian ‘atrocities’

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Check possible war crimes
Harris condemns Russian ‘atrocities’

US Vice President Harris and Polish President Duda have accused Russia of committing war crimes in Ukraine. They call for international investigations, such as the attack on a maternity clinic in Mariupol. According to Harris, Russia has been weakened by the war, while NATO has been strengthened.

According to US Vice President Kamala Harris, NATO has moved closer in view of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. “NATO is stronger and Russia is weaker because of what (Russian President Vladimir, ed.) Putin did,” Harris said during a visit to the Polish capital of Warsaw with President Andrzej Duda. “That is very clear to all of us.”

Harris expressed her horror at the Russian bombing of a maternity hospital in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol on Wednesday. He denounced that in recent weeks, and even more so in the last 24 hours, “atrocities of unimaginable proportions” have been observed. The US vice president called for an international investigation into possible war crimes. “In any case, there should be an investigation,” he replied when asked. The United Nations had already started a process to do this, and of course the US would be involved where appropriate and necessary.

Poland asks the United States to accept refugees

For his part, President Duda condemned the “barbaric” actions of Russian forces in Ukraine. The Russian war of aggression has “characteristics of a genocide”. “If you bomb hospitals where there are pregnant women and children (…) if you throw bombs and rockets at residential areas where there is no military infrastructure, then that is a barbarity that has traits of genocide,” Duda said. The Polish president said that a group of investigators from The Hague war crimes tribunal had already arrived in Poland. There are many witnesses with evidence, including video recordings, among the Ukrainian refugees in your country.

Duda also called on the US government to accept refugees from the country for the duration of the war in Ukraine. There are many Ukrainian refugees with relatives in the United States, Duda said. These people would like to visit relatives in the United States and “wait for the war to end and then return home,” Duda continued. He asked Harris that the United States streamline consular procedures in such cases to allow refugees to be reunited with their families. According to border guards, more than 1.4 million refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland since the beginning of the war.

Irritations over MiG delivery to Ukraine

In addition to Duda, Harris met Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Warsaw on Thursday. With the visit, the deputy of the US president, Joe Biden, wanted to assure Poland of US support in the face of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and fears of an escalation of the conflict.

Recently, however, there have been differences of opinion between the US and Poland. Washington rejected a proposal from Warsaw to supply Polish MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine through the US Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. The US Defense Department said on Wednesday that such a move would be too risky because Russia could view it as an escalation. Also, additional deliveries of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine make more sense.

Shortly before Harris and Duda’s meeting, it became known that the United States had moved two “Patriot” missile systems from Germany to Poland. “Patriot” missile batteries have been placed in Poland, a senior US defense official said on Wednesday. “We will not discuss where they are based, nor will we discuss their operational status.” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stressed that the move was not prompted by any specific event or action by the Russians. But given the war in Ukraine, a neighbor of Poland, the “patriots” are best suited to defend NATO territory.

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