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Asens links the rise of UP in the CIS to the launch of Díaz’s platform and some transfer of socialist votes


He believes that “Sumar” may have exempted some left-wing voters from abstaining


The President of United We Can’s faction in Congress, Jaume Asens, has linked the surge in voting intentions of his founding to the “staging” of the “Sumar” platform in the latest Center for Sociological Research (CIS) poll. , promoted by Vice President Yolanda Díaz.

He has also conceded the possibility that there may have been a “transfer” of socialist voters due to dissatisfaction with the PSOE’s position on the dead at the Melilla border fence or its commitment to increase military spending.

In statements to TVE collected by Europa Press, Asens has called “good news” that the CIS poll sees a “brake” on Vox’s rise and remains as the fourth political force behind United’s third place We Can rises.

Regarding the escalation of the confederal space in voting intent, the chairman of En Comú Podem said that it may be related to the presentation of “Sumar” and that this increase in citizen support would be the “first impact” of the project sponsored by Diaz.

Furthermore, he has argued that the launch of this platform may have moved part of an electorate that “abstained” and now sees “illusion” in this process called to reconfigure the space to the left of the PSOE.


He has also said that it is difficult to see the factors behind United We Can’s growth, but he has acknowledged that one cause may lie in certain decisions made by the PSOE and that “people didn’t get it”.

As an example, he cited the words of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez when he said the Moroccan gendarmerie’s action was a “well-managed operation” or when he reasoned that doubling military spending was a “priority”.

And he has noted that when the PSOE “deviates” from the spirit of the coalition government, it “stumbles” and “looks to the right,” the progressive arc performs “generally poorly” while focusing on progress, everyone is doing better .

That’s why he celebrated that Sánchez had made the “progressive script change” and “picked up the gauntlet” that had been thrown at him, announcing ambitious measures to which he agreed, since Spain “needs not a war decree but a hundred social decrees” because a increase in military spending does not lower CPI.


Source europapress.es

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