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Arrimadas insists retiring would be the easiest option but it wouldn’t save the game

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Ensures that C’s ideology will remain after re-establishment


The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, insisted this Wednesday that the easiest way would be to leave the leadership of the party, but it would not be the solution to save the party, recalling that the former leader by Cs Albert Rivera left office after thirteen years, although she has only been at the front for two years.

“The easiest thing for me would be to resign or accept one of the PP’s alluring positions. If we knew that resigning would save all parties, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second,” the Cs leader referred in an interview on Cadena Cope collected by Europa Press, when asked if her resignation would be a gesture to to restart the formation.

In this sense, Arrimadas has defended his proposal to re-establish the “orange” formation and leave a “renewed” party. “I want the party to become a useful and seductive tool again, that is, to change everything,” he asserted, lamenting the “painful” consequences that have been seen since 2019.

Of course, the leader of Cs has pointed out that the party’s ideology is “very clear” in the face of this modernization in which they propose an update of the program. He also stressed that the militancy will support everything in a process of “sincerity to the citizenry”. “No party is more self-demanding than we are,” he emphasized.


Asked if they can unite after the party’s renewal, both right and left, Arrimadas has pointed out that “with this PSOE it has been shown that it’s impossible” and suggested that the Socialists should also be re-established.

However, he has assured that the era of Sánchez will end and that for this the best possible government is needed, in which a “modern” party like Cs “must make a contribution”. Therefore, he has admitted that they will not be the main party in the next elections, but has assured that they can “determine politics” and referred to the PNV, which “governs in Spain” and has six seats.

Source europapress.es

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