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Arrimadas and Marín appeal to ’50+5′ at the end of the 19J campaign with the PP: “Governments alone are not healthy”

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Seville, June 17 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, appealed this Friday in Seville, in the act of this party, to end the campaign for the elections to the Andalusian Parliament on June 19, in order to repeat the coalition government with the PP.

Arrimadas assured that “the formula of 50 plus 5 (50 deputies of the PP and 5 of the Cs) that sounds we will realize it in the polls”, while the candidate of this party for the presidency of the Administrative Council, Juan Marín argued that “the only option” is the alliance of PP and Cs, “there is no other” because “governments alone are not sane, they end up putting their hand in someone’s pocket as we have seen here for 40 years”.

The president of Cs, the one of PP and Cs in the XI. While the government formed by the Andalusian Parliament, the legislature, has called the “dream government” and asked to “vote the same” to avoid “the nightmare and the mess”, has backed its optimism by arguing “tracking is done, polls are done and the The effort was worth it.”

His conclusion is that these electoral studies “give sums of intent to vote,” for which he has urged voters to “express that majority of intent to vote, let’s do it by voting on Sunday, we’ve got it, the important thing is the sum”.

Arrimadas appealed to the fact that the PP-A had “the worst result in its history” in 2018, which became good “because we add conservatives and liberals, we sit down” to minimize that sum. “I don’t care, 26 + 21 (the sum of PP and Cs in this legislature), the formula of 50 plus 5 that sounds, we will implement it in the elections,” announced the Cs president.

Ciudadanos ended the campaign this Friday night in Seville in the Bermejales neighborhood, belonging to the Bellavista-La Palmera district, where it was second in power in the December 2018 regional elections with 4,248 votes, 60 votes from the PP-A.

The Cs president has sought to mobilize her electorate, threatening that the votes that party won in 2018 will migrate to others, including the PP-A itself, its government partner.

“The Andalusians have the key to vote on Sunday”, regarding the repetition of the pact of PP and Cs, convinced that “they will guarantee the best possible government” for which they have appealed “not to throw into the game” . towel” and “the last push”.

Arrimadas has defended his party’s contribution to the coalition government with the PP, to which he attributes the role of “the engine of the Andalusian government”, because “without the liberal policies, there would have been no change, nor the economic and social engine that already exists “, while expressing his surprise at “how many things have been done in three and a half years”, and then wondering “how can we leave them in 2026, Juan, without a pandemic at all”.

The President of Cs defended that the Andalusian elections “are not a preliminary step to anything, they are not a stepping stone, they are not a rehearsal”, considering that “the belief in Andalusia never throws in the towel” while presenting her party as a paradigm for “low taxes but strong social policies”.

Arrimadas has words of gratitude to the character of Juan Marín, because “there always has to be someone up front who breaks the deck, who pays the cost of wear and tear, someone who takes the sticks, who opens their arms to distribute, an honest person , hardworking, humble, above all a good person, that’s you, Juan”.


The vice-president of the board and presidential candidate of the Cs, Juan Marín, repeated this Friday, as he did in the pre-campaign and in the election campaign itself, the alliance of PP and Cs: “This is the vote that we ask of the Andalusians ‘, believing that this is ‘the only option for Andalusia’, just as governments alone have refused, as President of the Governing Body and PP-A candidate for re-election, Juanma Moreno, has asked. where there are no Cs will be infinitely worse,” he claimed.

“We cannot give up, we are fighting against people”, Marín transferred to the militancy assembled in action, which, with the idea of ​​having reached “the country we dream of”, claimed that “we have four years left” with the premise that “the future of Andalusia passes through Ciudadanos”, a party he has stressed “which governs for all”.

In Marín’s balance sheet of the three-and-a-half-year coalition with the PP-A, “the 75 fewer beach bars” appeared, referring to the companies suppressed from the instrument sector of the Junta de Andalucía, the audits of the same sector, “We did them too” , as well as that “there have never been so many teachers and health workers”, in addition to the fact that health expenditure represents 7.5% of Andalusia’s GDP or that 5.5% is spent on education, figures assured, “it’s the same ‘What the Left Parties Told Us’, which he has accused of joining Vox to smash the budget.

For the future, he advocated providing “2% of Andalusian GDP, 3,000 million, for dependents, disabled, domestic help”. “They deserve it,” he concluded, while arguing that “we are for them.”

“We have millions of reasons not to give up,” Marín said, referring to the Andalusian people, while addressing his party’s teams in the Andalusian government ministries with “Sorry, but you have four more years to work, that will touch you”, with conviction , “flip the polls” and that “this game is not over, the campaign ends, don’t forget an 8-inch ballot to change the future of our country”.

Arrimadas and Marín are in fact preceded by the Minister for Equality and leader of the Cs list of the Cádiz constituency, Rocío Ruiz, who has called for “dreaming big” and imagined proposing in June 2026 that “We have returned to the Government of Andalusia”. .

“You have power on Sunday, the only voice you know is that of the citizens. It took us 40 years to get here,” said the city councilor and candidate, who predicted that from this Sunday “this city council will work becomes”. I’ll stay on as a consultant for another four years.”

Source europapress.es

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