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“Are you in pain? Gerard Pique would be going through one of his worst moments after splitting from Shakira

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The whole world had their eyes on Shakira and Gerard Pique after learning of their separation and the alleged infidelity of the footballer.

The ex-partner was exposed to media pressure thus each of its stages is analyzed by the press.

However, it was player the one who received a barrage of criticism after going from party to party and cheating on the mother of his son.

They demand respect from Gérard Martelé

Joan Laporta, Barcelona president, spoke about the difficult situation the defender is going through after the break with the famous artist.

“Pique is suffering. As much as we imagine, we have in our imagination players with fame, money and everything that we love, but they are people and Pique is a great person,” he said. -he assured according to statements reproduced by ‘The Sun’.

Likewise, the man asked respect and support for the Spaniard who has invested so much in the team.

“He is one of the captains, he gave a lot and he has to give us a lot more. And he went through a situation that is not pleasant at all, with children at a very young age and Pique deserves appreciation and the affection of the fans,” he said.

the door He stressed that the most important thing is that they give love and support to Pique, to help him overcome the crisis.

Recall that the Spaniard and the Colombian ended their relationship after 12 years together and two children in common: Sasha and Milan.

Meanwhile, the interpreter of ‘Barefoot’ He focused his attention on his artistic career by creating certain musical themes, which have even been compared to his romantic situation, in addition to being very happy during the program. dance with myself, where she remembers that she is the queen of the Hip movements.

Source metroecuador.com

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