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Aragonès delays submission of its complaint against the government in the “Pegasus case”

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Political relations between the government and the Generalitat are still in the deep freeze, but on the first day of the meteorological summer, both parties will meet in Madrid to try to restart the dialogue. The Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, will meet this Wednesday afternoon with a single point on the table: shed light on the darkness Pegasus case of spying on 65 independents, which continues to hamper the parties’ rapprochement. But that’s because of the fiery rhetoric about surveillance that the pro-independence movement attributes to the National Intelligence Center, CNI (it acknowledges 17 surveillance of pro-independence advocates, with court approval in 2019). president Pere Aragonès is still not contributing to the facts with the lawsuit he announced at the time.

The spokeswoman for the Catalan Executive, Patrícia Plaja, confirmed on Tuesday that the complaint had not been filed and that the legal services of the Generalitat are continuing to work on the text. Aragonès is on the list of pro-independence advocates legally protected by Spanish intelligence, and in his wake they assure that the document will be presented to a court “imminently” and deny that it is being used as a bargaining chip against the government. Other stakeholders (such as Roger Torrent at the time or this year the Republicans Josep Maria Jové and Diana Riba) and institutions such as Parliament have taken legal action.

Aragonès himself announced the lawsuit in several media interventions after the Pegasus scandal exploded. “We will use all the means of legal defense available to us until the end because fundamental rights have been violated,” he said president in conversation to eldiario.es, last May 1st. Since then, however, the lawsuit has borne fruit.

Asked several times about the status of the complaint, Plaja assured in May that it would be presented “in the coming weeks” and that the legal services of the Generalitat were working to “establish the maximum burden of proof and have all legal limits worked as necessary”. , given the lack of information on follow-up actions.

On the 9th of this month in an interview with Catalunya radiothe Catalan leader had once again insisted on the complaint, which should initially be addressed to the company NSO Group, maker of the Pegasus software that infected his phone in 2019. “In my case, it clearly indicates that the CNI acted fraudulently, but that needs to be certified very well because we already know there is a double standard here,” he added when asked if he the government would also target.

In the environment of president They rule out that the complaint is being used as a bargaining chip on the executive, but it’s still striking that it’s stuck, despite the day-to-day attack by the Catalan government on what it sees as a lack of solid responses to the follow-up secessionists. In fact, Plaja made it very clear that the only point of the meeting this Wednesday is to see how far progress has been made on the explanations requested by the government and what are the guarantees that the espionage will not be repeated.

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“There is only one item on the agenda that deals with the existing deadlock between the two governments as a result of the Pegasus case and the result of a build-up of facts and disloyalty against the Catalans that completely ruins relations and trust with the Catalans have damaged government,” said Plaja, who ruled out that the meeting implied a “normalization of relations” between the two executives.

Bolaños and Vilagrà were already meeting in the spring when the espionage scandal exploded. The minister then promised an internal investigation at the National Intelligence Center; another independent one, opened ex officio by the Ombudsman; another in the Congressional Official Secrets Commission, where the director of the CNI would appear (who was eventually fired after President Pedro Sánchez’s spying became known), and a promise that the executive branch is ready to release classified documents for clarification the situation. The Generalitat is not satisfied with the results of these measures.

The meeting also opened a new front within the ERC-Junts coalition. That Vice President Jordi Puigneró has complained that he was only informed about the Madrid meeting shortly before the Consell Executiu. From those around them, they recall that political (rather than technical) relationships remain frozen until all doubts are cast over them Pegasus case.

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