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Arab Newspapers: The Struggle in Ukraine… and the Solution in the Gulf States

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American and Western eyes are once again turning to the Arabian Gulf region, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to resolve the growing global energy crisis with the invasion of Ukraine.
According to Arab dailies broadcast on Thursday, US attempts led by former President Barack Obama to topple Arab regimes in 2011 caused Gulf Arab states to tighten relations with powers other than the United States.

kingdom wisdom
In this context, the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh noted: “Apart from the egoism of the West, its movement in the face of the energy crisis that the world is suffering from the Russian-Ukrainian war and its orientation towards Saudi Arabia in search of solutions, gives two important messages. The first is that the warnings issued by the Kingdom emphasized the importance of Preserving the stability of the energy supply to meet the basic needs of the global economy, and the second message is to confirm the fundamental role of the Kingdom in the face of global crises and the challenges in various fields, which, if he speaks, the world must listen”.

The newspaper adds that the Kingdom has historically worked on the response required to address the lack of supplies and maintain market balance on several occasions, and during the Corona pandemic, it demonstrated its superior capacity and great impact on the oil markets, and that it is the valve of global energy security.

At a time when the world is witnessing violent fighting in Ukraine, the pace of contacts and consultations with the Gulf countries has intensified to overcome the remnants of this dangerous oil crisis for humanity, and has repeatedly called for the establishment of solid institutional frameworks to improve stability in oil markets. Just as the world needs the Kingdom’s oil, it also needs its wisdom.”

The man of peace..Mohammed bin Zayed
In the newspaper “Al Bayan”, the writer Mona Bousmara says that the broad movement led by the United Arab Emirates on the paths and consequences of the crisis in Ukraine, indicates the great confidence and great importance that the countries of the world attach to to the United Arab Emirates and its leadership. “which materializes in the influx of leaders of the main countries and their continuous contacts with Mohammed bin Zayed, to discuss the evolution of this crisis and its effects, the most recent of which was the visit of the British Prime Minister yesterday to the country, the call of the Prime Minister of Japan the day before yesterday, the visit of the Austrian Chancellor and my contact with the Presidents of Germany and Belarus last week, and telephone consultations with the Presidents of Russia, Ukraine and other leaders of countries with the beginning of the crisis .

The writer added: “In another important way related to the effects of the crisis, the UAE’s positions confirmed its great concern for energy security and the stability of global markets, because it is a fundamental country that has always had a historical role. active in this regard, and works in close cooperation and coordination with its international partners, and within its full commitments.” to maintain this stability.

She said: “Today, history records the exceptional international role of Mohammed bin Zayed in serving the message of global peace and stability, through his intense and continuous efforts since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, to add these efforts to its brilliant record in spreading the values ​​of human brotherhood, resolving historical conflicts between countries and sowing peace in them”.

strategic review
For his part, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, in the daily “Akhbar Al Khaleej”, considers that great changes have taken place in the relationship between “the Arab Gulf States and the Western countries, led by the United States, since 2011, which was witness of great transformations during which America sought to overthrow Arab regimes, leading to condescending behavior”. From the West against the governments and peoples of the Gulf states, making the latter think of new international alliances, or at least the complete lack of dependence on the Americans and Westerners. developed countries, and many Gulf countries have tended to establish economic, political and military relations with Russia and China, the two rival powers of America and the West in the world.

The writer asks, “What does that mean? It means, in short, that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf states are on their way to building economic and political relations.” And militarily with China as the next heir to US influence in the world. , and there are similar trends from the Gulf states towards Russia, the features of which will become clearer after the end of the current Ukraine war. The lack of wisdom of Western policies, arrogance and condescension towards the governments and peoples of the Arab Gulf are what caused the trend The compass of the region is towards China and Russia, and the Western monopoly of the region is broken, since that the West is losing friends and gaining enemies globally.

I do not mind
In the daily Al-Watan, Faisal Al-Sheikh says: “The problem with this West is that it does not learn from its mistakes towards our countries”, before adding: “Today it seems that the United States and its President Biden think they are leading new to the whole world, in the context of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and because most of the West has entrenched itself with what Washington has been after since the beginning of the obsession with the president of Ukraine, just because the target is Russia, the opposing power Biden thought that he is the absolute ruler of the world, and that he can now export orders left and right.

The writer considered that the suffocating international crisis caused by the events in Ukraine, and the emergence of a serious energy crisis that accompanied it, returned the Gulf region to the forefront of the world, since it is almost the only actor in this file, He added: “The price of oil increased, and Biden literally begged for prices to come down. At the same time, the White House was desperate in its attempt to challenge Saudi Arabia to take a supportive stance for them in what they are doing in the world today under the guise of fighting the Russians, and other issues. He said: I don’t care.


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