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Approximately 10 subjects entered an urbanization to kidnap a person; one was dressed as a policeman

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In the early hours of Saturday July 2, 2022, a dozen individuals entered an urbanization located on the road to Salitre to kidnap a person residing there. This all took about 3 minutes.

In the images of the security cameras, this can be highlighted as in the first case a guy dressed as a policeman He arrives at the urbanization gatehouse and subdues one of the guards. second act, a caravan of four vehicles arrives at the place and from them descend several armed individuals that manage to neutralize another of the guards of the site. Later they enter and after a few minutes they leave the place.

In a statement shared with residents, it is reported that after the event, the corresponding protocols were activated.

Given this unfortunate fact that lasted about 3 minutesour staff followed the respective security protocol, activating the community alarm and calling ECU911, approximately 20 minutes later a member of the national police arrived at the site, some time later in the morning the staff from forensics arrived and from Unase, who were helped to contribute with the videos and all the information required by them”.

Similarly, the same statement indicates that it was impossible for security personnel to fend off the foul play, due to the number of subjects who entered and the type of weapons they were carrying.

“With the facts set out, it is emphasized that in this situation we must be clear that life must always be protected and that under no circumstances, within our current protocols, are our personnel taking violent action. , and that this then triggers an unfortunate event, indicating that given the aggressiveness with which the acts were perpetrated it would have been impossible to delay the criminal act without at least having the same weapons or the number of personnel with which the transgressors entered, and this without taking into account the collateral effects that this could have caused.

Source metroecuador.com

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