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Apple’s electric car: the inventor of the iPhone takes on the designer of Lamborghini

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Jul 28, 2022 @ 8:59am

Apple has signed Luigi Taraborrelli, according to information from Bloomberg. The developer, who worked at Lamborghini for more than 20 years, is to help design Apple’s electric car.

Virtual V12 Vision Gran Turismo Concept, then developed for the Playstation. It’s hard to imagine that Apple’s electric car will look like this. (Source: Lamborghini)

  • Longtime Lamborghini developer Luigi Taraborrelli is moving to Apple.
  • Taraborrelli was something of an all-rounder at the Italian sports car manufacturer.
  • Now it’s supposed to help bring Apple’s long-awaited electric car to the streets.

Brands like Hyundai prove that skilled vehicle designers can make a difference. Apple should be aware of this fact. In this context, the Cupertino staff makes you sit up and take notice. Like Mark Gurman, a generally well-informed Bloomberg reporter reportedLuigi Taraborrelli, who has worked at Lamborghini for more than 20 years, joins the Apple Car team.

Taraborrelli had various tasks at the Italian luxury car manufacturer. Among other things, he was responsible for the design of the body, but also designed individual components such as suspension, tires and exhaust systems. But the Italian has also been involved in the development of assistance systems.


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These are real escape vehicles

These are real escape vehicles

As can be read in his professional profile on LinkedIn, the Italian is a tech enthusiast. At Apple, it should therefore find a good connection. According to rumors and insider information, Apple has been working on an electric car since 2014, led by Apple Watch team leader Kevin Lynch. Mass production of the Apple car is expected to begin in 2025, according to Gurman.

The website recently reported information details on Apple’s plans. Accordingly, the electric car should have a steeply curved roof, similar to the VW Beetle, and four seats aligned with each other. Technical gadgets, such as a trunk that automatically lifts for better accessibility, are under discussion.

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