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Apple stores in Spain earned 4.6% less in 2021

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The interior of the Apple Store at Puerta del Sol.Claudio Alvarez

Apple Retail Spain, the subsidiary of the American giant that manages the company’s 11 stores (Apple Store) in Spain, reported a pre-tax profit of 11.56 million euros for the 2021 financial year that ended September 30, 2021 4.6 % less than last year. Payment of taxes on grants halved from €1.83 million in 2020 to €822,687 in fiscal 2021. The multinational has already reduced its net profit from operations by 39% in fiscal 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. due to the temporary closure of its operations for several months.

In contrast, the multinational’s other subsidiary in Spain, Apple Marketing Iberia, which provides sales support and marketing services, recorded a net profit of 54.3 million euros in 2021, 20.4% more than in the previous exercise. This company, which continues to invoice sales in Spain outside its branch network from Ireland and works as a commission agent, achieved a turnover of 129 million euros, according to the annual accounts filed by this subsidiary, 43.6% more than in the 2020 financial year entered in the commercial register, which neither Invoicing nor the net result of Apple Retail Spain included. The multinational has reduced its business profits by 39% due to the pandemic in fiscal 2020 due to the temporary closure of its offices for several months.

The sales subsidiary, which has four positive financial years, paid 15.03 million in profit taxes in 2021, after a loss of 371,000 euros in the 2017 financial year, compared to 13.06 million in the previous year. Earnings before taxes amounted to EUR 72.2 million after EUR 56.13 million in the previous year.

average salaries

In its report, Apple provides a full breakdown of the salaries of its workers in Spain, both by position and by age group and gender. The average salary at Apple Retail with 1,344 employees is 31,592 euros gross per year, while the “managers” or bosses (117 in total) receive an average of 68,205 euros, the “professionals” (mainly sales staff in the public sector) earn an average of only 28,101 euros per year.

At Apple Marketing, which employs 679 people, the average salary of “qualified personnel (189 employees) over 30 years of age is 101,681 euros for men and 85,412 euros for women. Among the “administrative staff” the gender distribution is reversed, because while men receive an average of 38,091 euros , women get 44,411 euros. Finally, “technical staff” receives more or less the same regardless of gender: 25,395 euros for men and 24,123 euros for women. These differences do not mean that men and women are paid differently for the same position (they must per paid equally), but that there are more men than women in the highest-paid positions, so their average salary is higher.

Source elpais.com

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