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Apple plans to include advertising on the App Store homepage


MADRID, Aug 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

manzana continues to roll out ads on its app store for iOS, App Store, and has started showing them in new sections of that service, such as the so-called Home section ‘Today’and the individual application pages.

Currently, the App Store has two sections where you can insert advertisements. One of them will be placed on the main “Search” tab, while another part of their ads will be placed in the search results section.

However, the company opens up new opportunities for advertisers in its virtual store, as released 9to5Macindicating that developers can place their ads outside of your usual lashes.

As the tech maker has told this medium, the Today home tab will continue to be discovery-focused, and this ad space will be clearly labeled to differentiate it from the rest of the content. This is done with the same “banner” and blue background that the ads already integrate located on the “Search” tab.

Second, Apple plans to place ads on the app’s own pages. Specifically, at the bottom of the product page under the “Banner” that displays other “Apps” from the developer.

For its part, the company has indicated through a statement accessed by 9to5Mac that these new ad placements give developers an additional way to reach their potential customers.

“Like our other ad offerings, these new ad placements are […] only contains content from the approved App Store product pages of the apps and will adhere to the same strict data protection standards‘ Apple pointed out.

In that letter, the company also commented that it plans to test the new ads “soon,” although it hasn’t brought forward a specific date for the implementation of this ad.

It’s worth remembering that Apple currently allows users to block personalized ads, a privacy option that would also expand with the rollout of ads in new App Store locations.


Source europapress.es

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