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Apple is taking steps to shut down websites that contain links to public preview versions of various Apple releases. your “Software”.

Previously, the company allowed certain websites, such as BetaProfiles and IPSW, to make betas available to all users. iOS, macOS and tvOS for free.

In this way, for the first time, anyone who wanted to test their operating system before the official launch had the opportunity to access these services through various channels.

Although these betas are more stable than those available to developers, are not free from errors or “bugs” which can directly affect the operation of the devices in which they are installed.

In order to avoid further problems, the company would have forced the closure of the websites offering the download links for these public betas. Including BetaProfiles, as expected MacRumors.

The first, for its part, has announced the end of its web support via twitter, where he has implied that Apple could have acted and that he prefers to avoid a “litigation” with that company.

Despite this closure, however, it has clarified that it will remain active through its social networks to allow users to “discuss beta updates.”

Unlike this website, the IPSW website is still active and through it you can download the different versions of Apple’s operating system for your devices, and it hasn’t announced its closure via Twitter either.

However, the aforementioned portal has argued that the tech company’s lawyers submitted a notice of removal of posts to this social network based on the Digital Age Copyright Act (DMCA, for its English acronym).

In this notice, Apple stated that the tweets arranged by this website they violated the ‘software’ Technology company beta patent. After this submission, related posts will no longer be available on the IPSW profile.

It should be mentioned that Apple currently has two separate programs in which it offers the betas of its operating systems. The first of them is intended for developers and costs $99 in the US.

Likewise, it has an official publicly available beta software program where users of the brand wer have an ID Valid Apple ID.

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