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Anuel AA gave Yailin a puppy that costs $11,000

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Reggaeton singer Anuel AA threw a fancy birthday party for his wife Yailin where he gave her a gift worth $11,000. He’s a pup of an exotic breed that is also restless, very happy and unattainable to have, according to breed type experts.

The animal is purebred Bichon Frize, a dog of Franco-Belgian origin which is characterized by its white and very curly fur. This, when combing, gives it a soft and very tender look. They say it’s the closest thing to a stuffed animal. Its weight does not exceed 3 kilos, although it has a broad back, it is well muscled and somewhat arched.

“Look at the devil. This dog Emma (anual) bought it for me”, says the singer. Then the Dominican explained that the animal cost nothing less than “11 thousand dollars for this dog. 11 grand and that’s a huge”he said, stroking the creature.

The dog is basically a companion animal since it does not tolerate being alone, although it is also independent but very affectionate. The couple must take great care of it as it is prone to problems due to its white dress. They live to be around 15 years old.

Yailin’s social media comments “Most Viral”, as she was the one who presumed it, weren’t all that positive as people reacted with outrage and pointed out not to buy anymore but adopt dogs. Plus, they were able to invest that money in more important things.

“This money would have been given to street children”I would have invested that money to help so many sick children who cannot afford their medication.”I should give him a brain.” Y”How sad to see the arrogance of some, when there are so many children who are starving to death”were some of the messages received by the ‘Chivirika‘.

Source metroecuador.com

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