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Anuel AA attacks a fanatic disguised as Karol G. Does he hate her in the middle of a concert?

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Again Annual AA stars in a controversy and this time the singer announced her rejection of a fanatic who wore a blue wig equal to the hair of her ex-partner, the Colombian Carol G..

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The Puerto Rican was vicious towards the fanatic whom he blamed and insulted for allegedly throwing a bottle at him while he was singing “Adicto”, a song released in collaboration with Taini and Ozuna.

Just then, an object crossed Anuel AA’s forehead, which did not go unnoticed and immediately began the attack. “For! Whoever throws this bottle at me, it’s bound to be the jerk with the blue wig, the one who wants to attract attention… Unhappy cat, I shit a thousand times on your life”, said Anuel amid annoyance and laughter.

It happened on June 18, during the concert he gave in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, as part of “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” which is his most recent tour. “I respect the public, but you have to respect me too, you heard? That little wig and throw a bottle at me,” he added.

Does Anuel hate Karol G?

It should be recalled that a few weeks ago a fan reported that she was banned from a concert by the Dominican Yailin at the Marbella Lounge nightclub in the United States because she was wearing a blue wig.

On the other hand, there is the release of the song ‘MAMIII’, which was considered the great split from Colombian to Puerto Rican and, only generating annoyance between Anuel and Yailin. Well, you have to remember that in one of her directs with a friend of hers, the topic was played and she left the conversation.

Obviously those who follow the breakup and the new idyll of the artists have not forgiven him for what happened and from the moment it was clear that Yailin does not support the subject, and more than that he does not know the to hide.

Yailin immediately expressed her annoyance and instead of motioning them to stop the music or continue her conversation ignoring the sound, what she did was leave terrified, and with it the reaction of the users.

Then Anuel also reacted publicly to the subject and did so at a nightclub in Miami where he was accompanied by Yailin and performed in a controversial act by throwing ice cream at the DJ who put ‘Mamii’ and all the people present singing it loudly. .

This anger from Anuel AA was recorded in a video in which he is seen upset and throwing an object, which they later identified as ice cream, at another person in a nightclub.

Source metroecuador.com

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