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Another testimony shakes Medina and Luceño more: “The area of ​​​​the mask was easy to break”

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Commission agent Luis Medina upon his arrival at the Plaza de Castilla courts in April.Victor Sainz

As the investigation by judge Adolfo Carretero, instructor of the case masksThe fence is getting tighter and tighter around Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, the two commissioners who raked in almost six million euros for the sale of defective sanitary material to the Madrid city council during the most critical phase of the pandemic. This Friday, a new testimony was added to the summary. Testifying as a witness, Mario Tabasco, head of the Consistory’s occupational risks department, stressed that the masks supplied “did not meet the requirements of the European Union” and that he also checked that “the fastening area of ​​the masks were easily broken”. ears.

According to the minutes of the official’s statement before the magistrate, to which EL PAÍS had access, the head of the labor risks department analyzed the Commission agents’ material a few days after it was received by the local administration. A firefighter “brought him some masks” and gave him the “documentation” that accompanied them. And he initially concluded that they “do not comply with European regulations”: “But the Chinese, I ignore them.”

“I don’t know if they were valid or not, they just didn’t meet EU requirements,” Tabasco explained during the interrogation, in which he specified that his analyzes dealt with compliance with “administrative requirements” but he did not go whether “they were good or not given the protection against Covid”: “I couldn’t know.” “When I informed they sent me emails from the marketers. It was a Chinese documentary that I didn’t understand.” That’s why, according to the investigation, he sent one E-mail to two senior officials from Madrid Salud, where he warned about the certificates of the masks. He also added of the masks, “They seem pretty flimsy and tear fairly easily.”

“The mask had no elastic. Visually, they weren’t like normal masks. The ear attachment area was made of fabric and broke easily,” said Labor Risks Director Judge Carretero this Friday: “The ear gripping system was torn when it was disconnected […] This material was glued together and needed to be separated and tore easily. It tore what was attached to the ears. And if it broke, it had to be thrown away because the mask couldn’t be used. I opened one or two and one of them broke,” he pointed out.

Tabasco added that the City Council “never directed him to amend the report” in which he explained those details. And he added: “It was a time when many masks were needed.” In addition, as he riveted, he was also able to examine the gloves supplied by Medina and Luceño, which showed defects and which raised the first suspicions about the alleged fraud let. “I said that these are neither individual protection products nor a medical device. That it was not marketed as a medical device.

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The examining magistrate considers it “reasonable” to refer to the “quality of the masks supplied”, although the person responsible for purchasing the city council, Elena Collado, assured them that they were “valid”. “Apart from the fact that Collado is not an expert in determining this, there is an email from Tabasco where she doubts the quality,” read a magistrate resolution. Carretero also subpoenaed a Metropolitan Police agent, who prepared a report confirming the masks, to testify on July 8.

The judge arrests Medina and Luceño on charges of serious fraud, money laundering and forgery – the former is also accused of concealing assets. Prosecutors denounced that the two businessmen deceived the city council with three operations to buy masks, gloves and tests. “These three contracts, in which Luceño and Medina were involved, constitute a criminalized legal business,” the trainer emphasized in a resolution: “Luceño, in full collusion with Medina, deceived and profitably concealed from the city council that the price of the masks were up 60%, gloves up 81% and testing up 71% as a result of agreed commissions.”

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