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Another terminal will be operational in two weeks

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A year and a half after the inauguration of the capital’s new airport, BER, the second newly built terminal also comes into operation. Ryanair will be the first to take off on March 24 with passengers checked in at T2, the airport company announced Thursday. Ryanair will also become the main user of the building. It is designed for six million passengers a year.

After check-in and security screening, passengers proceed from the bridges to the gates that actually belong to the main Terminal 1. Over the years of airport construction, it became clear that T1 would be too small for the anticipated number of passengers. T2 was added comparatively quickly, but was not needed at first because the airport opened in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Airport operators saw the first signs of recovery in February as the pandemic leveled off. 953,000 people flew from the airport nicknamed Willy Brandt. That was six times more than in February 2021. But about 1.6 million fewer than two years earlier at Berlin Tegel and Schönefeld airports combined. The terminal of the old Schönefeld airport, which is a good two kilometers from the new buildings, also belongs to BER. It is currently not in use.

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