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“Another Afghanistan, only worse”: Criticism of the Ukraine war penetrates Russian state television – politics

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In a talk show broadcast by the Russian state broadcaster Russia-1, two prominent Russians criticized the attack on Ukraine. Filmmaker Karen Shakhnazarov and MP Semyon Bagdasarov expressed concern about the international consequences of the war for Russia and called for an end to the invasion.

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“It’s hard for me to imagine taking over cities like Kiev,” Shakhnazarov said on the March 9 program of An Evening with Vladimir Solovyov. “I can’t imagine what that would be like.”

The filmmaker warned of a possible isolation of Russia if the war continues. “If this picture turns into an outright humanitarian catastrophe, even our closest allies like China and India will be forced to distance themselves from us.”

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Bagdasarov, a deputy in the Russian Duma, also expressed doubts about the war. He compared the attack on Ukraine to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1980s. “Do we have to get involved in another Afghanistan, only worse?” Bagdasarov asked on television, adding in reference to Ukraine: “There are more people there and they are more advanced in the use of weapons. Vladimir Solovyov, the show’s host and a known Putin supporter, interrupted his guests to hold back criticism of him.

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