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Anniversary package at o2: Xiaomi 12 and vacuum robot in one package with o2 Grow

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June 29, 2022 at 4:45 p.m.

For its anniversary, o2 has developed the Grow tariff, in which the included data volume increases by 10 GB every year. And put together a powerful action pack: with a Xiaomi 12 and a vacuum robot.

Xiaomi 12 | 5G with robot vacuum mop with O2 Grow tariff with 40+ GB (Source: Telefónica)

20 years o2! On the occasion of the anniversary, the Munich mobile operator is not only launching a special tariff: with o2 Grow the included data volume increases by 10 GB per year and is already very generously equipped with 40 GB the first year.

Now o2 is expanding its portfolio of anniversary offers with a solid package: With the Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi’s current best smartphone is included in the package. To celebrate the day, there’s another little digital assistant as part of the services:

Because you can also call the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S when signing the contract.

o2 Grow with Xiaomi 12 and robot vacuum mop

Xiaomi 12 |  5G with robot vacuum mop with O2 Grow contract with 40+ GB


at o2


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  • Flagship Xiaomi 12 with 5G

  • Robot vacuum mop with LDS laser navigation technology

  • o2 Expand with 40GB data volume and 10GB upgrade per year

o2 offers you the o2 Grow in a package with a high-tech Xiaomi package: Because with the price you get the Xiaomi 12, the current top model from Xiaomi. But that’s not all: the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S robot vacuum mop is also part of the anniversary package.

What is the quality of the case?

Normally, only 29.99 euros per month are due for the pure birthday rate “o2 Grow” without extras. The customer determines the minimum contract duration by selecting a variant without duration, which charges a connection price of EUR 39.99. Either by choosing a duration of 24 months; connection fees will then be waived.

There are also no connection fees in the Xiaomi Anniversary Plan. The basic monthly price with the smartphone and the robot vacuum and mop is 8 euros more than in the sim-only version, so the monthly plan is 37.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros. The duration of the contract with the two devices is 36 instead of 24 months.

That’s a bargain, as the s2 robot vacuum mop asks at least 200 euros at retail, and reputable dealers ask at least 635 euros for the Xiaomi 12. The included hardware has a current market price of $835, spread over 36 months, which would amount to $23.19 per month for the hardware alone. However, the material is available in the anniversary offer for a monthly supplement of only 8 euros.

So you buy here a high-end smartphone and at the same time ensure a clean apartment. If you’re still interested in what household chores have been done, you can take control of the vacuum cleaner on the new Xiaomi 12 via the app – or watch the device at work. Instead, you can simply spend more time with your friends and family, capture your memories, and share them with your friends. Meanwhile, Xiaomi takes care of the housework.

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