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Anna-Maria Rieder wins bronze in Beijing: Young hopeful becomes medalist – Paralympics Zeitung

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A high-pitched scream echoes across the finish line at the slalom. Anna-Maria Rieder kicks her skates into the snow and stops with her arms crossed over her head. Her eyes cannot be seen behind the ski goggles, no smile can be seen on her face. Rieder looks breathless: No wonder, Saturday is the first few seconds after the race, it’s the seconds when the tension and concentration are gone from every hair and the scream It was an exclamation of pure joy.

In the first run of the slalom race, the 22-year-old put in a solid performance, quickly finding a good rhythm and weaving around the downhill gates. At the end he looks over his shoulder and at his time: “Wow”, It comes straight from your lips. Because – bang – that’s how you have French Marie bochetthe Super-G silver medalist, was pocketed and relegated to fourth place by more than half a second.

Third place after the first race: that provides optimal conditions for number two. Now is the time to keep your nerves: Girl you gotta hit it hard – that was Rieder’s plan for the Super-G race, in the end it was enough Therefore 5th place Half a second ahead bochetthat’s not necessarily a lot in a Paralympic race, with a good second race, France’s Rieder could definitely fight for her place on the podium.

Medal within reach

Everything is still open before race two. But Rieder has an advantage: bochet must start before her. At first things look good for the French: she goes to bed apparently clean begin there and strip elegant curves around the first doors. But just 20 meters from the starting point bochet the indoor skiing, falls sideways and is out of the race. Clear the way for Rieder.

With a great advantage over the Canadian Michaela Gosselin from the first race she enters the race: “Ich he knew, when I go ahead and to the end come on, he’ll probably save a medalRieder reveals.

Your starting signal sounds and Rieder is on the run. clean sweep the Oberammergauer around the curves. There are simply no errors now. Just drive down. nip.

Rieder crosses the finish line, one look at the screen and she knows Bonze is sure of her. And the skier thinks so. Very cool. There had to be a cry of joy off targetRieder says. Behind her only the Swedish Ebba Aarsjoe and the Chinese Mengqiu Zhang drive. They deservedly get first and second place.

After two fifth places in super-gi and giant slalom and a fourth place in super combined, Anna-Maria Rieder proved in her second Paralympic Games that she can be on top. However, she has so far not stood on the podium in Beijing. Most recently, she had to admit defeat to her teammate Andrea Rothfuss, who won bronze in the giant slalom. In the slalom, Rothfuss retired on the first run.

Skier Anna-Maria Rieder winds her way into third place in the slalom.Photo: Imago

From “girl” to medal star

She would not have thought that Rieder could still win a medal at the end of the games: I wasn’t sure because I knew what there are good girls. They are very good in all disciplines and also in slalom. She knew that it would probably be extremely difficult to get a medal and she had to give it her all, but it’s even better that she got it now.

Even before the games, the winter sports enthusiast showed that she had gone from a young girl to a potential medal contender. At the World Championships in Lillehammer, she won bronze in the super combination: ahead of his team competitor Rothfuss. Before Beijing, Rieder revealed the secret of his success: When I have fun, I ski well. That’s why the skier is holding back on her wish for a medal: I don’t go to the race and say ‘I want a medal now’, that would put too much pressure on me. And if there’s too much pressure, the fun ends.

However, in his summary of the Paralympics in Beijing, Rieder has an ambitious eye on the medals: Overall I am satisfied, I finished fifth in the Super-G and that was my first Super-G at the Paralympic Games. I was a little sad about the super combined and the giant slalom, because I knew: well, I could have done it, maybe in the super combined, I finished fourth there.

Rieder has motivated himself over and over again in recent days to give it his all in his races: I saw it like this: ‘Today is a new day, today the Paralympic Games start again for me as New.’ As a result, I had Head : ,It’s okay, I still have strength now’. With success: After Rieder was allowed to try out the Paralympics for the first time in Pyeongchang in 2018 and finished sixth in the giant slalom, she can now travel back from the Paralympics in Beijing to reassure Oberammergau with her first precious metal in your suitcase.

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