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Anna Maria Mühe: Touching words on the anniversary of the death of her father Ulrich Mühe

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Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker: Troubled Anna Maria commemorates father +++ Cathy Hummels kisses son +++ Sylvie Meis posts loving birthday wishes to her Niclas.

Today’s celebrity news in the GALA ticker:

July 22, 2022

Anna Maria Mühe: Touching words on the anniversary of the death of her father Ulrich Mühe

With a black and white photo and a loving comment, 36-year-old actress Anna Maria Mühe pays tribute to her late father, multi-award-winning actor Ulrich Mühe (1953-2007) on Instagram. “In my heart, in my head. Every day. I love you daddy. 15 today,” she wrote of the photo, which shows the mother of a pensive daughter at the window.

Many other actors react with a heart to Anna Maria’s emotional contribution. Among them Cristina do Rego, 36, Alice Dwyer, 34, Lisa Maria Potthoff, 43, and Anja Kling, 52. On July 22, 2007, Ulrich Mühe died at his home in Walbeck, Saxony-Anhalt. A few days earlier, the actor had confirmed in an interview with the newspaper that he was suffering from stomach cancer.

Cathy Hummels shares kissing pic with son Ludwig

Son Ludwig, 4, is Cathy Hummels, 34, the one and only. While the announcement of the divorce between her and her husband Mats, 33, caused a stir in the media, mum’s daily life continued. The influencer also proves it to her fans and followers on Instagram. If anyone can change the “Battle of the Reality Stars” host’s mind, it’s her beaming man of four. The most recent post once again shows just how close the mother-son duo are.

Cathy shares two photos of kissing with her brood on the popular social media platform. The entrepreneur writes: “I’m officially taken” and “Best man of my life next to my father”. Many fans react to the declaration of love with hearts. A fan makes it clear to her how Cathy best handles negative comments. “Cathy, fuck the opinions here, do what’s good for you!”, comments the follower on the intimate shots.

July 21, 2022

Sylvie Meis: It’s her husband Niclas Castello’s birthday

For the 44th birthday of her darling Niclas Castello, Sylvie Meis, 44, posts a magical birthday post on Instagram. The photo probably shows the couple on their wedding day, the loving duo look at each other in love. Sylvie and her Niclas celebrated their dream wedding in September 2020 at the “Villa Cora” Hotel in Florence.

The Instagram post includes the romantic “Happy Birthday Baby” birthday wishes. In the comments, Niclas sincerely thanks his sweetheart with the words, “Awwwwww I love you baby.” The artist will certainly celebrate the day with his Sylvie and all his relatives. All my wishes!

Simone Ballack celebrates 20 years of friendship with a touching post

With her latest Instagram post, Simone Ballack, 46, addresses a very special woman in her life: her best friend Isolde Fricke, who has accompanied her on her journey for two decades now. The ex-wife of Michael Ballack, 45, posts a snapshot showing the two women during a previous vacation in France. “I miss you and our beloved sea. Long live 20 years of friendship,” begins Simone.

She has a deep connection with Isolde, among others, as the two already knew each other when Simone was pregnant with her son Emilio, †18, who died in the meantime. “I met you when my Emilio was still in my belly. Exactly 20 years ago. July 2002…… a lot has happened since then, but we are inseparable, even if sometimes we are physically separated [sic]“, continues the 46-year-old man, adding “I love you” and a heart emoji.

July 20, 2022

Céline Bethmann appears hand in hand with a new man

In April this year, Celine Bethmanns, 24, flirting with professional footballer Mats Hummels, 33, made headlines. After a photo of her “dinner date”, which the winner of the GNTM 2017 highlighted in her Instagram story, she confirmed a few days later to RTL: “We are going out together”. Everyone wondered: what does his wife Cathy Hummels, 34, say about it? She even poked fun at the headlines on her Instagram account – as did Mats, who never confirmed any ‘dates’.

All relationship chaos is now a thing of the past. On July 18, 2022, Celine appeared hand-in-hand with a new man on the red carpet at Berlin’s Zoo Palast. The model came to the premiere of the Netflix movie “The Gray Man” accompanied by Lukas Bossert, model and founder of the popular health food company “Daluma”. Not only on the red carpet did they look familiar, holding hands and snuggling together. Bethmann also shared familiar snaps of the movie car and chair to her Instagram Story. Has she really found her new love or is it just summer flirtation? Who knows …

Lena Gercke relaxes with baby #1 and baby #2 on vacation

The family of Lena Gercke, 34, is growing. In June, the model confirmed her second pregnancy. The secrecy has since ended and the former GNTM winner regularly showcases her growing baby bump to her fans online. The former ‘The Voice of Germany’ presenter currently appears to be taking a vacation break with partner Dustin Schöne, daughter Zoe, 2, and unborn offspring.

In her latest Instagram photo, Lena Gercke is sunbathing and shining with happiness. She keeps her eyes closed from the sun. Little Zoe is sitting on his lap, but only her curly blond hair is visible. Another photo shows the woman from Marburg in an orange bikini. She writes on the summer recordings: “Qualitytime with Baby Nr. 1 and 2” and provides the phrase with a red and white heart.

July 19, 2022

Brenda Patea shares enchanting vacation snap with daughter Mayla

These two ladies know how to enjoy life! Brenda Patea, 28, greets her followers with a rare photo: her 1-year-old daughter Mayla lies relaxed on the lap of the ex-“Germany’s Next Top Model” contestant and sucks her bottle with delectation. “Just happy” (in German: “Simply happy”) comments the model on the captivating shot.

However, Brenda hides her offspring’s presumably cute face from her followers. The girl should be able to grow up in peace without public hype. Mayla is from the model’s relationship with tennis star Alexander Zverev, 25. The sensational couple met in Paris at the end of 2019. In the summer of 2020, their paths went their separate ways again, when their child was already on the way. In the meantime, the 28-year-old has built a new life with her sweet treats. “I’m already working as an insurance clerk again,” she told “Bild” in October 2021 – and she also had another iron at the time: “I’m also writing a book, it will be a thriller.” Mayla can actually be happy. There will never be a dull moment with Mama Brenda.

Troubled Anna Maria shares a rare photo of her daughter

Anna Maria Mühe, 36, is the mother of a nine-year-old daughter. The actress doesn’t reveal much about life with kids, but she has now shared an adorable photo of her baby girl on Instagram. Dressed in a pink dress and a baseball cap, the little barefoot girl walks on the cobblestones. Troubled Anna Maria expresses her love and affection with a purple heart in the blink of an eye. Spending enough time with her daughter is important to the Berliner. “We like to be at home and do a lot with her or my friends and with my family. We have as much social contact as possible. I think that’s important,” she once said in an interview with “Bild der Frau”.

In an interview with the “Schweriner Volkszeitung”, Anna Maria Trouble said about the birth of her daughter as follows: “I don’t know if it was the best day. But it was definitely the most special moment, the most exciting and deepest of my life, the child to hold on to for the first time.” That day changed her life forever: “My daughter just gave me incredible meaning in life, she made my life more worth living. I love that my job is no longer the top priority, but my family now.”

July 18, 2022

Damian, the son of Sylvie Meis, enjoys a romantic break with his girlfriend

Just a few weeks ago, Sylvie Meis, 44, proudly shared the first photo with her future daughter-in-law: Son Damiáns, 16, friend of Laerke Wiktoria Wendel. The two teenagers have so far held back with couple photos on social media. Now, 39-year-old offspring partner Rafael van der Vaarts makes an exception.

In her Instagram story, Laerke posts a photo of herself with her Damián on a stand-up paddle in front of a breathtaking setting. makes it comfortable. Apparently, the two are currently enjoying summer vacation with a romantic break. The 16-year-old also misses the cute shot with a white heart emoji and the number eight. It looks like the two lovers are already celebrating their eighth birthday – that’s good!

Christina Luft explains why she is a “burnt child”.

Christina Luft, 32, and Luca Hänni, 27, indulge in happiness: after meeting on “Let’s Dance” in 2020, they fell in love. The two are now engaged and have bought a house together in Switzerland. During an Instagram Q&A, a fan now wants to know what the professional dancer thinks about jealousy. After all, things are heating up in her lover’s new “Ma Bonita” music video starring 29-year-old Sarah Engels. However, this doesn’t bother Christina at all: “We can both distinguish between work and private life and we are both happy to deal with such great people.”

When asked how she manages to trust her Luca, the 32-year-old answers in more detail and thinks back to a time when she lost all hope of a great love. When she met her current fiancé, she was “a burnt out child”. “Several men have given me reasons not to believe in good anymore, but what can I say…Luca has cleared up all the doubts,” she reveals, adding, “If it’s the right one, you know it. deep in your heart.”

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