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Anja Kling: grown up! Rare recording of son Tano and daughter Alea


Anya Kling
Rare photo of his son and daughter

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Anja Kling is one of Germany’s most sought-after actresses. Privately, she is a loving mother, as she proves with an Instagram post aimed at her adult children.

Anja Kling, 52, is one of Germany’s most popular and versatile stars. The Potsdamer showed her talents in character roles as well as in comedies and became a staple of the German television and film landscape. In private, the actress is a real family man. She has a particularly close relationship with her sister Gerit, who is five years her senior. First and foremost his two children, son Tano, 20, and daughter Alea, 17, from his relationship with recording manager Jens Solf.

Anja Kling: her daughter Alea has her high school diploma in the bag

From time to time, the mother of two shares photos of her two children on social media. Her latest post can be seen as a declaration of love to her son and daughter. The occasion is the graduation of Alea, 17 years old. The young woman teleports in front of the camera for a snapshot of her mother. She wears an elegant dark green dress. The photo shows the intimacy between the children of Anja Kling. Alea is hugged by her older brother and kissed on the forehead. The second photo in the small Instagram gallery shows the two descendants of Kling as children.

“You did so well”

However, Anja Kling does not become melancholy. “Now I don’t have any more children in school,” she says happily. “My little grandma has her baccalaureate in the bag, my grandma has been studying for a long time and will soon be finished. And all this despite the last two boring Corona years with all the restrictions and bans. You did it so well”, writes- her on her post.

The mother-of-two can’t help but rave about it. “I cannot describe how proud I am of my two children. I am sure that you will find your place in life”, she comments on the two photos. Finally, there is a declaration of love: “I love you both more than anything”, writes Anja Kling and completes the whole thing with the hashtags “favorite people” and “proud mom”.

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