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Android introduces support for DNS over HTTP/3


MADRID, July 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has improved data protection Connections on Android with support for DNS over HTTP/3, which from Android 11 will replace the DNS-over-TLS protocol that is present by default from version 9.0 of the mobile operating system.

Responsible for this is the standard DNS protocol – English abbreviation for “Domain Name System”. convert the URL of a website into an IP address that the computer or “smartphone” can connect to. By default, this protocol is not secure because it is not encrypted.

Android 9.0 introduced support for DNS over TLS — which stands for “Transport Layer Security” — which guarantees more privacy users better encryption in DNS communications between websites and computers.

Later, DNS over HTTPS was implemented by most public DNS operators such as Cloudflare Resolver and Google Public DNS. This encrypts the requests and disguises itself as regular HTTPS traffic by encrypting the browser requests, thereby moving the information so that an outside actor cannot make sense of the data.

Google has now decided to do this DNS over HTTP/3 because reduces the overhead of DNS queries B. by using a proprietary transport protocol called QUIC to speed up the exchange of information.

The protocol protects the privacy of connections from devices running Android 11 and above and improves their performance in network changes, Resolving requests out of order by default, by running each in a separate logical flow, and Accelerated connection setup.

Introduced support for DNS over HTTP/3 within a Google Play system update, This means that it will reach all Android devices and will not be tied to a specific version of this system, as Google has pointed out in its security blog. It replaces DNS over TLS on known DNS servers that support it.


Source europapress.es

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