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Andalusian elections 2022: PP wins with an absolute majority, PSOE achieves its worst historical result and Cs disappears

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PP-A President and candidate for presidential re-election to the Executive Committee, Juanma Moreno, closes the closing ceremony of the PP campaign for the June 19 regional elections in Seville June 17, 2022 – Eduardo Briones – Europe Press

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Seville, June 19 (EUROPA PRESS) –

The People’s Party won an uncontestable victory in the regional elections held this Sunday, June 19, with 57 MPs and 42% of the votes above the 90% that were counted, giving an absolute majority – set at 55 MPs – against a PSOE guaranteed registers its worst-ever result with 31 seats and Citizens (Cs) stays out of parliament after partnering with the PP in the community’s first non-socialist government, according to data at

The popular Juanma Moreno thus achieved the first absolute majority in Andalusia since 2008, when socialist Manuel Chaves four years earlier achieved 56 seats after winning 61 MPs. The PP gets more than double the number of seats and support in the elections compared to the regional elections of 2018 (when it won 26 MPs and 20.8% of the vote), breaking all the historical ceilings of the party in Andalusia, which only won the regional elections 2012 with Javier Arenas at the top with 50 seats, although he did not come into government because of the PSOE-IU pact.

The PSOE worsens the result of Susana Díaz in 2018, which gave way to the first government without a socialist presence in the history of Andalusia, with the party’s lowest data in regional elections, when it reached 33 MPs and more than a million votes, with a percentage support of 28% , higher than now by Juan Espadas, who also remains more than 15 seats away from the PP, adding the rest of the armed forces’ seats to his left.

Vox repeats itself as the third political force and, along with the PP, is the only party to increase in votes and seats compared to 2018 until it reaches 14 MPs – two more than today – but its increase of around 10,000 votes is of education Santiago Abascal is far from his goal of demanding his entry into government with the PP and has not been enough to halt the growth of the mainstream parties, which have allowed Moreno to secure an absolute majority.

The biggest electoral setback is suffered by Cs, which with 3.2% of the vote remains outside the Andalusian Parliament, where three and a half years ago it won 21 MPs to become a partner in the PP government after gaining 18.3% support . . The formation led by Juan Marín adds a new setback in Andalusia after disappearing in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and remaining with a single seat in Castilla y León.

The forces to the left of the PSOE, Por Andalucía – which integrates IU and Podemos with other left forces – and Adelante Andalucía – led by Teresa Rodríguez – are a far cry from the 17 seats they would have achieved collectively in 2018 and individually by less than half , seven, received after dropping more than 5 points of support in the polls after witnessing the split in the closing stages of the last legislature. For Andalusia, he won five seats through Inmaculada Nieto and Adelante Andalucía, three MPs with Teresa Rodríguez as visible chair.

The 19J elections deactivated the effect of the so-called “empty Spain” in Andalusia after its powerful incursion in the Castilla y León elections. His main option, Jaén’s candidacy deserves more, is far from getting representation, despite receiving more than 5% of the votes in his province.

Source europapress.es

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