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“Anarkya” show wins most awards at Youth Theater Days in Kuwait

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The Arabian Gulf Theater Company’s show “Anarchy” won the most Youth Theater Awards in Kuwait in its 13th session, which closed on Sunday at the Dasma Theater in the capital, Kuwait.
The show won ten awards, including the “Best Integrated Show” award, which is the grand prize of the festival named after the late Khaled Al-Nafisi, the best harmonious show, the best direction of Muhammad Al-Ansari , the best written by Fatima Al-Amer, and the best actress by Suad Al-Husseini.

As well as the best actor in a second role for Faisal Al-Saffar, the best decoration for Muhammad Behbehani, the best makeup for Abdulaziz Al-Juraib, the best costume for Hessa Al-Abbad and the best lighting for Fadel Al-Nassar.

Muhammad Al-Ansari, director of “Anarchy,” said he was happy with all the awards the play won and thanked the team he worked with.
According to its director, the play revolves around a man who refuses to leave his home and country, despite suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and its main idea is that a person is born without bad habits, but then acquires them. .

Five Kuwaiti youth theatrical performances competed for prizes at the festival, which was organized by the Public Authority for Youth, all of which were screened at the Dasma Theatre. The jury was formed under the chairmanship of Ali Haider and the membership of Khaled Amin, Ayman Al-Khashab, Haya Abdul Salam and Faisal Al-Obaid.

Khaled Amin confirmed to Reuters that what sets the festival apart this year is the presence of young people who love working in the theatre.
He said that the offers that were submitted “are good, not very good and not great, but we expect them to be very good and great in the coming years.”

He explained that the show “Anarchy” deserved all these awards because “an experience has matured with all its artistic elements. That was a detailed decision of the committee… We went into all its details and worked on another viewing of the works to ensure eligibility. of the work for the prizes”.

The award for Best Actor in a Leading Role went to Abdullah Al Balushi for his role in the Kuwaiti theater group’s play “Saliha.”

Al-Balushi told Reuters at the end of the ceremony: “It was a tough competition between all my brothers. The next one is better, God willing. You do what you have to do and success belongs to the Lord of the Worlds.” “

She won Best Actress in a Second Role, Fatima Al-Osaimi for the play “Wameed” and Badr Al-Shuaibi Best Music and Sound Effects for the same play.

The Incentive Creativity Award went to Zainab Al-Ali for the play “Qabre Wan” by the folk theater group, and the Trend Art Production Award went to Yasmine Al Mulla for the composition of the play “Zakira Yellow”.

The organizers awarded awards of recognition to several distinguished artists, namely Salma Sharif for the work “The Tomb of Wan” and a certificate of distinction for the boy Rashid Al-Rashed for the work “Yellow Memory” and a certificate of distinction for the artist Ahmed Abel for the work “Salih”.

The awards and shields of honor were presented by Mishaal Al-Shaheen Al-Rabee, Director General of the Public Authority for Youth, Deputy Director General Mishaal Al-Subaie and the President of the Festival, Mohammed Al-Mazal.

The jury recommended the creation of a dramaturgy competition and allow the establishment of works in local dialects and foreign languages, with the allocation of a prize for the design of the presentation brochure, canceling the prize for the best harmonic show and sufficing with the prize for the better. integrated show.


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