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Ana Rosa Quintana reappears at a meeting with her TV colleagues

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November 2, 2021 was arguably one of Ana Rosa Quintana’s most difficult days on television. This Morning, the journalist announced on her show that she has breast cancer and will be staying away from screens for a while while she seeks treatment and focuses on her family. He then hoped it wouldn’t be long. This Saturday, the presenter was seen smiling again and joined by her television partners at a party organized by the producer, of which she co-founded with Xelo Montesinos, Unicorn Content.

The 66-year-old journalist and presenter didn’t want to miss her audiovisual production company’s end-of-season party. A comeback where he posed smiling. “I’m fine. The truth is that throughout the process, which is difficult, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been lucky and dealt with it quite well. Then with all these colleagues who have done an impressive job, with the Certainty that the program was on wheels, and with me at home as an observer. But I have a lot of ideas, huh?” said Ana Rosa Quintana. During the summer party, the presenter once went to the Europa Press agency with some of her colleagues, although she just spoke to the TV camera A day you described as “excited”.

Ana Rosa Quintana, hugs Joaquín Prat and together with the presenters María Rey and Sonsoles Ónega.JAVIER RAMIREZ (European Press)

“A hot autumn is coming, I want to be there when something happens. That I hope what I want happens,” he added somewhat cryptically. At the party on a farm in Madrid, he met some of his classmates again Ana Rosa’s program, like Joaquín Prat and the journalists Patricia Pardo or Ana Terradillos. Also with other colleagues from Telecinco, like Sonsoles Ónega (moderator of the program it’s already midday). In the group photo they wanted to take in front of the cameras, María Rey, presenter of Telemadrid, can also be seen. Ana Rosa Quintana has assured that since the announcement of her illness she has felt the affection of all her colleagues. “It was impressive. Because in the end it’s a long time… it’s almost seven months. And every day, every day. Even the last editor, the tailor, the councilman… basically he was beautiful. But I could have avoided it,” he said before laughing

When asked about her new image with very short blond hair, she answered with the greatest of ease. “Out of necessity, virtue. I always thought if I left the TV I’d cut my hair and dye it platinum, I’m still halfway there…but that wasn’t calculated,” he commented again with a big smile.

The journalist and presenter Ana Rosa Quintana, this Saturday in Madrid.
The journalist and presenter Ana Rosa Quintana, this Saturday in Madrid.JAVIER RAMIREZ (European Press)

The last time she was seen in public was last May in the Las Ventas bullring during the San Isidoro Fair. “I’m great. Starting life anew,” he then said to the journalists who asked him at the gates of Madrider Platz. “I think we’ve overcome it, we’ll see,” he added. That day left accompanied by her friend and moderator Cristina Tárrega.

Where it hasn’t completely disappeared during this period was from its social networks, where it was shared with the 163,000 followers of your Instagram account parts of his life and development. In April, she spoke about the benefits practicing yoga has had for her, and in February, she updated her followers on her condition: “What do you ask the most: how are you? After 4 months of treatment I’m doing very well, at the moment I’m angry about everything I’m missing in the program. Working patiently and thankful for so much love,” he wrote. In November 2021 it was herself who told viewers of the morning program that she had been a host for 17 years, that her breast had been diagnosed with carcinoma, that it was localized and that there were no metastases. And that he took a break, which at the moment has not yet announced the date on which it will end.

Source elpais.com

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