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Ana Becerril Says Goodbye To ‘Control Z’ With Some Powerful Statements

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Although the ‘Control Z’ series gave him all the success or catapulted much of his all-important career, actress Ana Becerril she completely says goodbye to her role as Sofia. And it is that with the third season premiere it puts an end to this story in which He also demonstrated his quality as an interpreter and how much the dramatic genre suits him so well.

who could see this plot since the first episode they have been able to show the responsibility that this girl has taken on with this series in which he becomes the axis and which allows certain characters to connect with others in a very particular way, almost mysterious and convincing, because if something has its role it is that he manages to create or unite clues that They lead him to discover the people who always seek to disturb the students of the institution in which the most terrible crimes always occur.

However, after its passage and growth in this series, she will say goodbye by thanking her fans for the support given through this production in which she returns to her much more mature standards in all areas, but she is sure that she will continue to take on roles of this type in which she can continue to exploit her youthful gaze, which, as she underlined it, helped that it continues in this type of proposals.

I want to keep taking advantage of them doing teen castings for me, I want to keep thinking I look small, but I’ve grown a lot, I think we’ve all been through some kinda weird processes in the pandemic and I grew by leaps and bounds and became very adult in a short time”the actress told the media and this was reported by the RPP Peru portal.

Ana Becerril says goodbye to “Control Z”

Until now, this renowned actress who He started his career at the age of 15 has never ceased to amaze with his talent, but also with his ability to always solve each problem thanks to his participation, especially in this ‘Control Z’ series in which he assumes Sofía, a girl ready for anything, despite the fact that she is antisocial and does not like dealing with the public.

We saw Sofía as this super determined girl who knows what she has to do, who manages depression and anxiety issues, but he’s the one who solves and he’s the heroine and for the first time we’re going to see her lose and not escalate the situation and the big problem that she and all her friends got themselves into” , added Becerril who reiterated that he will continue to play and take on increasingly complex projects, because what she is sure of is that acting is her thing.

Source metroecuador.com

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