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An older puppy was abandoned and moved on social media

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Stories with a happy ending always captivate and even more when it comes to animals in a vulnerable situation. This is precisely the case of Adriano, the old and sick puppy who was abandoned by the one who claimed to be his owner, the affair went viral and moved thousands of people.

The woman left the dog with a letter saying his name was Adriano, that he was 14 years old and had already been completely blind for three years. Far from looking good, the woman was asked about the decision she made to part with a pet when it needed the most care.

All the details

In the letter, Adriano’s former duel explained that the pup “is good, he doesn’t bite, he likes home cookinghe and that he can’t eat bones, all in big letters and with a brown marker,” he quoted Unotv’s note.

This case happened in Argentina. The post details that Belu, the person who found him, “contacted a Association in Argentinawhere this case occurred, the dog was received at the shelter and although he was still waiting for a permanent home, another woman named Ceci offered him a temporary home.

See report here:

Without explanation

The woman who left Adriano did not add the personal reasons that led her to commit the act they criticized so much.

However, as soon as the news broke, many collaborators sent in donations and expressed words of consideration for the pup who is living his final years and waiting for a real mother to take care of him and understand the effects of his deterioration. physical.

His case is a sad story with a happy ending as there is no shortage of people who give him love and whatever he needs.

The Colombian Medium The week quoted what they wrote in the legend of the video where we see the woman leaving Adriano: “I wonder, How do you get out of your house, with the little letter written, put the chest strap on him, his leash, and take him for a walk like any other day, knowing that you’re going to abandon him? How can there be people with so much evil?

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