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An Israeli journalist reveals the details of her meeting with Khamenei

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Israeli journalist and political affairs analyst Catherine Peres Shakdam has revealed the details of her meeting with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Shakdam, who has British citizenship, said in an interview with the Persian-language British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC,” “I met Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in a room and greeted him.”

He added: “This meeting with Khamenei took place when the Iranian regime considered me one of its mouthpieces and supporters in the West,” noting that “his meeting with Khamenei was for a very short period.”

And the Israeli journalist continued: “He was able to penetrate the institutions of the Iranian government and reach several high-ranking Iranian officials.”

Journalist Catherine Peres Shakdam, during her stay in Iran for a few years, gave an interview to Ebrahim Raisi, the current Iranian president, and published several articles on the English version of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s website.

But after he left Iran and published an article in The Times of Israel last February, Khamenei’s website removed his articles from its online portal, and the Revolutionary Guards media removed the same articles and interviews he had conducted. with the Israeli newspaper.

Shakdam admitted in his article in “The Times of Israel” newspaper, “that he carried out all these actions and activities to infiltrate Iran after he managed to gain the trust of the Iranian authorities”, noting that “Iran is looking for a nuclear weapon”. bomb.”

The Israeli journalist’s infiltration of the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Iranian officials sparked a wave of controversy in the local media, with the government criticized for not realizing his influence.

After that, the Iranian media described Catherine Peres Shakdam as a “spy”.

The Israeli newspaper previously indicated that it was very interested in approaching the Iranian government.

Asked how the Iranian media trusted her, Shakdam replied: “I have also thought about this a lot. I think the reason is that the regime desperately needs encouragement and approval from the West because the people themselves are critical of the ideology of the regime”. The Iranian regime is looking for Western intellectuals and journalists to join it and repeat its words.”

Catherine Perez-Shakdam traveled to Iran from 2015 to 2018 and was also a regular analyst on Iran’s English-language Press CTV.

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