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“An inferno of flames” in Treptower Park: five years in prison for speeding drivers after an accident with three dead in Berlin – Berlin

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He wanted to impress, as a driver, he wanted to show what you can get out of the 450hp car “if you really push it”. The judges at the trial of the serious car accident in Treptow with three deaths were convinced of this. Omran El H. was guilty of illegal motor vehicle racing and intentionally endangering road traffic. The 22-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison and given a five-year driver’s license ban.

He had just turned 21 when he was given an allegedly rented Audi RS5, a vehicle that cost 119,000 euros. With three friends in the car, she drove up the street in Treptower Park in the late afternoon of Feb. 2, 2021, “a popular speeding route,” the district court said Friday. The defendant’s objective was to achieve the highest possible speed on the route of approximately 1.7 kilometers.

The prosecutor, who had demanded six years and seven months in prison, spoke of a “lantern easel, a lantern easel with very serious consequences.” The defendant behind the wheel had “unleashed a beast.” He overtook by mistake and recklessly sped up. Until three people, aged 19 to 21, died.

It had rained that day and there were puddles in the street. But Omran El H. accelerated: “he accelerated to at least 135 km/h”. He passed other vehicles in wavy, risky lines. After a collision with a curb, there was a horror crash on the street, which is a 30 km/h zone.

The crown of the tree fell off as a result of the impact.

The then 21-year-old driver lost control. The car made a right turn, then left the roadway and crashed head-on into a tree. The force of the impact was so great that the top of the tree was broken. The car tore apart, spun on its vertical axis, hit a utility pole, hit another tree, hit a control box, and broke apart again. Finally, the stern caught fire. “Hell on fire,” said a witness. “Then I saw a man on fire.”

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One of the young occupants was thrown from the vehicle. He died in the hospital. A 19-year-old who was sitting in the back was burned to death in the car. The young man sitting next to him was initially still conscious and was able to get out of the wreck. He was taken to the hospital with severe burns over 80 percent of his body. The doctors fought in vain for his life: he died on February 6, 2021.

Only the driver was slightly lowered in the accident. He was only slightly injured. Omran El H. was arrested, but soon escaped further arrest and was able to continue his training as a hotel manager. He even now he remained free: the verdict is not yet final.

Victim’s mother: the accident should be a reminder to others

Omran El H. had expressed deep regret at the process. However, the goal of achieving the highest possible speed was not achieved. A speed of 80 kilometers per hour burned into him, he said. The judges didn’t buy that: “a swoon, as if you could cut him out of your life.” However, the verdict took into account that the death of his friends was also traumatic for H.

In the process, El H. described himself as a car fanatic. His defense attorney said it was about driving such a powerful car. “The car itself was the attraction and not what you can do with it,” the attorney said. Omran El H. is not a classic runner: “a young and inexperienced poser”. He did not run a race, neither against another person nor against himself, it was about “pushing your ego, getting attention”.

Defense attorneys pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He will consider the appeals, the attorney said. The parents, sisters and brothers of the deceased appeared as joint plaintiffs. One mother explained that she hopes for justice, “so that other children don’t drive so fast.”

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