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An angry seagull pecked a grandfather and made him bleed

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Nature gives us lessons every day, but every day we insist on ignoring their messages. Normally animals with cubs are very fierce, this is because they try to protect their cubs at all costs to make them independent.

But some people ignore this “law of life” and try to intervene. the goodwill of a 78 year old grandfather was overshadowed by the fury of a couple of seagulls that they saw one of their pigeons in danger. The little bird had fallen into the garden of his property in the United Kingdom.

Kenny Esson saw the little bird on the ground, probably because it was learning to fly and lost control. The man did not imagine that his parents watched everything from above.

Kenny decided to take the little seagull in his hands with the intention of putting it on the back wall to take flight, but suddenly something amazing happened.

pecking furious

“I didn’t see the father coming, and the next thing that big seagull did behind me was peck me. They have sharp beaks. It’s not the first time they’ve hit me, but it’s the first time they’ve made me bleed,” the man recalled.

Kenny noticed soon after that blood was running down his face and a “lump” of skin had been pulled from his forehead. The man, who is a retired bus driver, told La Presse and Le Journal that amidst the confusion he continued to help the baby and managed to put it on the wall, he said. he quotes. daily star.

Already aware that he was being attacked by the chick’s parents, he could see a second gull coming directly at him. “Fortunately, I dodged and this one missed. If they had hooked up, it scares me to think what would have happened. About the injuries, he said, “It wasn’t that painful, but there was a lot of blood.”

This man had a big scare

now pay attention

The grandfather explained that since this attack he decided to go to the garden accompanied to deter the angry seagulls. “Now I have my granddaughter’s big dog with me. Gulls are a bit reluctant to come down if they see it nearby.

The Sun explains that Ferryhill has one of the largest populations of urban gulls in the UK. He said that recently people in his neighborhood have taken to feeding the gulls indiscriminately, which sometimes makes them aggressive.

“I think there are more seagulls here than on the beach. They are everywhere,” the old man said.

This man had a big scare

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