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AMD and Nvidia competitor: first images of the unannounced Intel Arc A750 graphics card



Jul 20, 2022 @ 11:41am

AMD and Nvidia are no longer the only graphics card manufacturers. A video gives you a first look at the previously unannounced Intel Arc A750.

This is what the Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition looks like. (Source: Player Nexus)

  • In addition to the Intel Arc A380, there is apparently also an Intel Arc A750.
  • A first image of the new graphics card has appeared in a test video.
  • It should probably be an upper middle class graphics card.

AMD and Nvidia will compete with upcoming Intel graphics cards. Images of Intel’s desktop boards have now surfaced.

So far, Intel has only officially announced the Intel Arc A380, but a Nexus Gamer test video also shows the Intel Arc A750 Limited, a model yet to be confirmed by Intel.

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It should be an upper middle class graphics card. As with the A380, it can be assumed that the graphics card for the A750 will be launched first in China.

It is not yet known when and if the Intel Arc A750 will appear in Germany. However, it is known that a new generation of graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia will arrive in the future. These new Nvidia cards could still appear in 2022.

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