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Amazon Photos in the 2022 test: Special photo cloud for Prime customers

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July 01, 2022 at 1:36 p.m.

Amazon Photos cloud storage will also announce benefits for Prime customers in 2022. But is the photo cloud worth it for non-members too? Our test shows it.

Amazon Photos put to the test

editorial rating 7.6 reader ratings

260 reviews

Storage capacity and upgrades


Well suited for photo management

Amazon Photos successfully fulfills its purpose in the field of photo and video. In particular, the ease of use and an excellent price-performance ratio are convincing. If you already use Prime and Amazon devices, you should also use this service. Everyone else will quickly blow out the 5GB of free storage space.

We liked it

  • Unlimited photo storage for Prime members
  • image management options

We didn’t like it

  • Cloud only suitable for photos and videos
  • Shared access only through Family Vault

The best online storage of the test

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  1. Photos and videos always ready

  2. No classic cloud storage

  3. Sync with Amazon Photos

  4. Security yes, data protection only to a limited extent

  5. Pricing models and subscription options

  6. More functions

  7. This is how you cancel the subscription

  8. Conclusion and alternatives

As a Prime member, you usually get additional benefits with Amazon services. This is also the case with the Amazon Photos cloud service. But even without the benefits, you can use the service to save photos and videos. Our test shows what Amazon’s cloud service offers you with and without a Prime subscription and whether it’s worth using.

Photos and videos always ready

Amazon provides an app for desktop and mobile devices so you can access your photos anywhere. This compares photos and videos with Amazon servers at regular intervals. While the mobile app is a full-fledged photo manager, the desktop software is essentially a file uploader.

In addition to media files, it can also back up entire data directories with any online content. Files thus secured can then be downloaded to their original location or to other computers in the event of loss, such as a backup.

No classic cloud storage

However, Amazon Photos is not a typical cloud storage facility that can compare documents and the like across multiple end devices and creates a central cloud repository for this purpose. The desktop app also shows you a preview of your photos stored in the cloud. However, to call them, you will still be redirected to the Amazon website.

Amazon Pics

With Amazon Photos, you can upload your photos to cloud storage for free. Amazon is making a special offer for its Prime customers.

Photos and videos stored on Amazon can be managed through a web browser under the keyword “Amazon Photos”. Other file types can be found on the “Amazon Drive” interface. The latter is Amazon’s classic cloud storage, which is similar to Google Drive, Dropbox and Co.

This strict separation of the two services is very confusing in some places, for example if you want to upload photos to Amazon Drive and are redirected to Amazon Photos. Not necessarily bad, but sometimes a little confusing. We wish Amazon, like other manufacturers, had used cloud storage for all file types.

You can find data backups created using photo software in the Drive interface, but they don’t feel seamlessly integrated. Amazon definitely needs to make some improvements here.

Sync with Amazon Photos

You can clearly view your photos and videos saved on all devices using convenient categorization and search functions. It’s similar with Google Photos and Apple Photos. You can also share your content with up to five family members via “Family Vault”.

Content can be filtered by locations, reasons and people. Moreover, the web interface has rudimentary image editing functions ready for you. Just like Google, Amazon performs a cloud-based analysis of the image content so that it can offer suitable filter functions.

This is what the Amazon Photos interface looks like

While the desktop software only allows uploads and downloads, Amazon’s web interface offers some great photo tools.

In terms of functionality, the mobile photos app is very similar to the web interface. It also allows you to automatically download all photos and videos taken with your smartphone or tablet. This way, local storage space can be freed up. You can easily share content through a link both through the web interface and through the app. You don’t need an Amazon account to view it.

Security yes, data protection only to a limited extent

Data transmission is SSL encrypted with Amazon Photos. The provider does not provide any specific information about backing up your data on Amazon servers. However, you should be aware that, pursuant to the Terms of Service, you grant Amazon the right to copy, analyze and modify the uploaded content to provide the photo service. A prohibition from a data protection point of view.

Pricing models and subscription options

All Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo storage on Amazon at no additional cost. Unlike Google Photos, uploaded images are not compressed here.

The video storage volume is 5 gigabytes in the Prime version. If you are not a Prime customer, you have 5 GB available for all content. If there is not enough space, you can purchase more memory for a fee.

Prime customers also get unlimited photo storage when purchasing these plans. According to Amazon itself, the model with 100 gigabytes for 19.99 euros per year is the most popular, and the subscription with 1 terabyte for 99.99 euros per year offers the best value for money.

More functions

If you have an Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Echo Show, you can connect them to your smartphone or computer through Amazon Photos. You can also access your photos on Amazon devices and use them as screensavers, for example.

The cloud service shows you the most beautiful moments of recent years with the “This Day” function. All photos from a holiday or a day are presented in an automatically created slideshow.

Cloud storage in comparison: 13 providers in the test

NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

Cancel Amazon Photos

If you have extended your storage space quota beyond Prime, you must cancel this extension so that it will not be renewed for a fee after the expiration of the initial reservation period. It succeeds through the Amazon website. If you also want to cancel your existing Prime subscription, you can read how it works in the linked article.

Amazon Pics

Amazon Pics

editorial rating 7.6 reader ratings

260 reviews

Storage capacity and upgrades


Amazon Photos: the best alternatives

You do not agree ? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? Below are the best Amazon Photos alternatives.

We also recommend checking out our cloud storage rankings. You can find comparable products, for example, in the lists “Comparison of cloud storage: 13 providers in test” or “Comparison of free online storage: 10 free services in test (2021)”.

Amazon Photos: technical sheet

Here you can find the technical data of Amazon Photos. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Storage in the free version 5 GB
Package with the largest storage space 1 TB / 99.99 euros per year
teamwork Nope
photo management tools Yes
Data encryption on the transmission path Nope
Data encryption on the server No information

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