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Amaiur Sarriegi: “I feel the coach’s confidence”

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Spanish team forward Amaiur Sarriegi doesn’t think things have been ‘quick’ in her case as she made her debut with the Absolute just over a year ago and is now close to playing the European Championships in England , although she admits he feels “the confidence” that coach Jorge Vilda has in him, whom he has yet to “convince” to be among the 23 chosen.

“I wouldn’t say that everything happened quickly, I think it was the way it was and for a reason. It’s true that I feel Jorge’s trust, warmth and affection and that’s very important for you Player.” , but nothing is being done and these days of concentration will serve to convince him that I can be there,” Amaiur Sarriegi said in an interview with Europa Press.

Despite her youth (21 years) and the possible first big date with Absolut, the Real Sociedad player has “no” nerves. “Besides, I’m not a nervous person,” she clarified with a smile. “As a player you do what you can and it’s in your hands and from that moment on the decision is someone else’s,” she said.

The Gipuzkoan recalled that “from the first day” that she came to a concentration, she was “received very well by the rest of the national team, both on and off the field”. “It’s easy to get along with players of this level on the pitch, but on the field they make it very easy for you in every way. Now, for example, I’m trying to give Salma (Paralluelo) the love and trust that you need a little bit these first few days,” explained Amaiur Sarriegi, referring to the young Villarreal player, the ‘rookie’ of concentration.

The striker does not hide that this concentration will take “many days” and with “many training sessions” and that “the heat wave” of the last week did not help them either. “But we all have this European Championship in mind, which weighs more than anything and is worth it. Everything becomes more pleasant when you think about the first game we have against Australia this Saturday,” he said.

“Those are big words,” the attacker replied to the preference for the EM selection. “There are a lot of favorites this year and more that I think are teams at a very high level. Yes, it’s true that the team has gained a level of media and prestige that it hasn’t had lately and that speaks very well.” from us, but we have to go to England without thinking about it and just give it our all and play,” he stressed.


In any case, he does not hide the fact that they “feel everything that comes from outside” and “the expectations generated in the press, in other selections and among people in general”. “We have to have a clear head and realize that we have to do our best, everything else is not important,” said Sarriegi.

The San Sebastian player lamented “the hard blow” of Jennifer Hermoso’s failure, to whom she sent “all the strength of the group” and whose experience is important. “Absolutely, in the end, players like them have a lot and it shows when you see them every day, we learn a lot from them,” he admitted.

“It was a dream year, we made history with Real Sociedad because the women’s department had never reached such a high position in the league and had never qualified for the Champions League. I’m happy to have contributed my grain of sand and my enthusiasm, I’m very satisfied with the season on an individual and collective level,” he emphasized the great year of the team from San Sebastian, even if it could shorten their holidays. “If it and playing a EURO, I don’t care about the truth,” he said with a smile.

Source europapress.es

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