The O Barbanza fire, which devastates 2,200 hectares, is uncontrolled for a week


The area burned by the fire in Galicia so far in August amounts to about 7,000 hectares burned, a number that has not stopped growing in recent hours due to the various forest fires that have been recorded in the province of Ourense.

This number comes on top of more than 34,000 hectares that burned in the second half of July, mainly as a result of the July 14 dry storms when lightning caused fifty fires. Included here are the two largest fires in Galicia’s history on record: O Courel (Lugo) –11,100 hectares– and Valdeorras (Ourense) –10,500 hectares–.

In August’s fire, the largest to date was that of O Barbanza, which devastated 2,200 hectares. It started in the chimney of a private home, according to the Autonomous Police investigation. Although stabilized, this Thursday marks a week still uncontrolled after the August 4 launch.

The fire that broke out in the parish of Cures, in the municipality of Boiro (A Coruña), spread through O Barbanza and affected the municipalities of A Pobra do Caramiñal and Ribeira. The flames also burned Mount A Curota.

The next fire with the largest burnt area so far in August is that of Laza (Ourense), municipality of Camba, with 1,350 hectares of burned area. It began Tuesday night and forced the activation of Situation 2 due to its proximity to the As Taboazas nucleus in Chandrexa de Queixa, where 200 hectares burned. Both are active.

The Boborás and O Carballiño (Ourense) fires are also active, in both cases with various outbreaks caused by sparks when a train passed, devastating 120 hectares. The alarm continues to be sounded due to the fire’s proximity to homes.

Equally active is that of O Irixo, municipality of San Cosmede de Cusanca, with 470 hectares burned. This fire forced the disruption of the conventional train route between O Irixo and Ourense last Wednesday, with passengers changing on the road.

At the same time, the fire in Carballeda de Valdeorras, municipality of Casaio, with 440 hectares, is being stabilized (still not extinguished). This community was already affected by the fire wave in July.

For its part, there are two controlled fires in As Pontes de García Rodríguez (A Coruña), in the municipality of the same name and in Vilavella, for a total area of ​​165 hectares.


Among those wiped out in August are those of Verín (600 hectares), Caldas de Reis (450 hectares), Ponte Caldelas (380 hectares), A Mezquita (224 hectares) and Maceda (120 hectares) as those with the highest extent.

One of the most significant extinctions was that of the municipality of Monfero (A Coruña), municipality of Queixeiro, since it endangered the Fragas do Eume Natural Reserve, although it was wiped out after burning only 0.01 hectares of wooded forest. .

The list of those already extinct in August is completed with: Arbo (82 hectares), Calvos de Randín (50 hectares), Ponteareas (15.6 hectares) and Ames (6 hectares).

Source europapress.es

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