The United States remains the main gas supplier to Spain throughout the year


Gas imports from Algeria fell by 42% yoy in the January-July period, while purchases of this commodity from Russia rose by 15.6%, according to the latest data released in Bulletin Enagás statistics for July.

During the reference period, Spain bought 64,534 gigawatt hours (GWh) of gas from Algeria, of which 60,056 GWh (93%) by pipeline (Medgaz) and the rest in methane tankers in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG). ).

The lesser role played by purchases from the African country is also noticed in the data collected, as the Algerian import rate stood at 24.5% through July, compared to 48.8% a year earlier.

As for Russia, Spain bought 28,265 GWh by July and only 5,317 GWh from this country in the seventh month of the year. However, the figure for the month of July represents a drop of almost 40% compared to the data for June, when a record 8,752 GWh was imported.

With these records, Russia became Spain’s fourth largest supplier in July, behind Algeria (23.3%), the United States (23.2%) and Nigeria (16%). In the cumulative period of the seven months of the year, Russia holds a share of 10.7%, as in 2021, making it the fourth supplier country.


On the other hand, the United States continues to be one of the main players on the map of gas imports in Spain, although in July it lost first place to Algeria by only a tenth.

Purchases from the United States totaled 8,530 GWh in July, slightly less than the 8,572 GWh from Algeria, where the North American country has a 23.2% share and the African country has a 23.3% share. In the cumulative period, the United States emerged as Spain’s main gas supplier in the context of the war, with a share of 32.9%, almost 10 points more than Algeria, having made cumulative purchases for 86,609 GWh.

Likewise, the data from the North American country contrasts with that of a year earlier when it reaped just 9.1% share over the cumulative period.


Exports to France via the VIP Pyrenees interconnector amounted to 3,077 GWh in July compared to 3,051 GWh in June 2022.

Normally used to import natural gas from the neighboring country, a complete transformation has taken place since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, making Spain an exporter to Europe. An export value from Spain to France of 5,618 GWh was already achieved in April and increased by 10% compared to the previous month to the record value of 6,185 GWh.

The significant increase in ship discharges also stood out in July, which doubled to 26,448 GWh compared to the same month last year. Thus, the number of ships unloaded increased by 92.9% to 27 units in July, 13 more than in the same month of 2021.

Source europapress.es

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