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Alexander Klaws: ‘The toughest week of my career is behind me’

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Today’s hit news in the GALA ticker: Alexander Klaws talks about the hardest week of his life +++ Kerstin Ott must have disappointed his fans +++ Schlager is a new option for Pietro Lombardi.

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June 28, 2022

Alexander Klaws reflects on the toughest week of his life

It was bitter news that circulated shortly before the start of the Karl May Games in Bad Segeberg: 38-year-old Alexander Klaws fell ill with Corona and was unable to play the premiere last Saturday (June 25, 2022). Instead, Sascha Hödl stepped in, who only had a few days to acquire the role of Winnetou.

The singer and actor now explains how difficult this decision was for Alexander with a statement on Instagram: “Behind me is probably the most difficult week of my career, with all the decisions that had to be made”, shares Alexander then gives hope for the days to come: “I am incredibly touched and grateful and it looks like the test will finally allow me to step ‘Iltschi’ into the arena on Thursday.”

The DSDS winner of the first season thanks his family – his wife Nadja Scheiwiller and their two sons – but also the many fans who have helped him with a lot of distraction, attention and support during this period. “THE gratitude I feel for my beloved family, Lenny-Flynn-Nadja, who had to put up with my scratching at home, I cannot describe in a few words here.”

Kerstin Ott had to cancel a concert for health reasons

A few days ago, Kerstin Ott, 40, posted a video of herself on her Instagram account. It must have been difficult for her to say the words she spoke because she must have disappointed her fans. “Unfortunately, I have to cancel my performance at Schladen-Werla this weekend, June 25,” she explains in a low voice and continues: “I don’t know if you hear this already, but I’m so bad with a cold and my voice keeps killing me.”

The pop singer further emphasizes how sorry she is for all the people who were looking forward to the concert in the Lower Saxony town. The good news: another date has already been set. “On August 27, 2022 we will celebrate the date in Schladen-Werla,” Ott wrote of the clip. His fans are understanding and wish the musician a speedy recovery in the comments column.

June 27, 2022

Pietro Lombardi: Soon new sounds? “So I’ll make hits”

Pietro Lombardi, 30, thinks about the future. Since winning “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2011, the singer has delighted a huge fanbase. Songs like “Señorita” and “Cinderella” are among the best hits on the dance floor. The catchy pop songs gave him a remarkable career at a young age. The musician does not take off because of this. On the contrary: the father of a son thinks about the future – and already has an idea of ​​how he can still fill the halls in old age.

Helene Fischer, 37, or Beatrice Egli, 34, show it: their genre is a gold mine and has a captivating audience ready. Pietro knows love songs very well. So why not take another musical path? The German-Italian has no problem with that. There’s still a lot that can happen before retirement: “I think I’ll retire when I’m 70 or 75, that’s how long I’ll be doing music. Now I’m in the business of pop for eleven years and when the time comes, so I’ll do Schlager.” New sounds that shouldn’t sound bad at all to the ears of the music-loving public.

Oli P. shares a love snapshot with his Pauline

Oli P., 43, and his wife Pauline Petszokat have gone through a difficult period: two years ago, the 35-year-old had to be operated on for a brain tumor. To this day, Pauline is still feeling the after effects of the surgery, as Oli recently revealed. “I had no idea what condition I would find my wife in after her brain tumor surgery. I can’t even put into words what we have been feeling and going through since then. [sic]he wrote on Instagram on World Brain Tumor Day on June 8, 2022. He couldn’t ease his wife’s symptoms, but her until her “last breath.” […] giving loyalty and strength,” he continued.

Oliver Petszokat never leaves his beloved Pauline and tries to make her life as comfortable as possible. Last Sunday, June 26, the couple enjoyed the summer weather together. In their garden, Oli and Pauline settled in comfortably and organized a picnic with fresh fruit, as evidenced by the story Instagram of the musician. He also posts a tender snapshot which shows the two as much in love as on the first day: With his eyes closed, Oli presses his sweetheart, who in turn smiles and squeezes his shoulder. “I love you,” the 43-year-old wrote.

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