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Alexander and Ella Clooney: They have fun with their parents in Italy


Alexander and Ella Clooney
The secret stars of the family

George Clooney and his wife Amal

© Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Another carefree summer before Alexander and Ella Clooney, children of George and Amal Clooney, start school next year. GALA tells why the twins love Italy so much.

Finally Lake Como again for everyone! Originally, dad George Clooney, 61, discovered the Dolce Vita in Laglio on his own some 20 years ago, when Amal and the children were still far away. But now the twins turn out to be Italy’s biggest fans. Unlike their parents, the five-year-olds speak near-perfect Italian and easily order pizzas, steaks and antipasti at the restaurant themselves.

Here’s What Clooney Twins Alexander and Ella Clooney’s Vacation Routine Looks Like

Holidays at the Clooney Hut, directly on the shore, also offer them plenty of exciting things apart from delicious food: a huge garden with a swimming pool, the lake for boat trips – and right outside the door countless fellow game just waiting for the two to show up. The villa is in the center of town, a stone’s throw from the public pier. This is where the young people of the village frolic, kick balls or splash around in the shallow water.

Villa Oleandra

The “Villa Oleandra” in Laglio. “Giorgio” is also loved in town because he gives good advice.

© GIUSEPPE CACACE / Getty Images

They are like their parents George and Amal Clooney

The twins make friendsno problem. Alexandre, learns GALA, is just as funny as his father and ready to do anything. He came up with ideas such as smearing peanut butter on shoes to simulate a dog pooping accident. Also, like many guys, he loves cars and Legos.

George and Amal Clooney

Clooney has been married to Amal for eight years.

© Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Her sister Ella, meanwhile, succeeds her mother: she values ​​good table manners, listens to classical music, and likes to paint and draw. Very mini fashionista, she loves to escape from mum’s dressing room. “We actually laugh together all the time,” George once described everyday family life. Molto bene!



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